Friday, June 4, 2010

My Week In Review

Finally it is Friday. Although really I am not sure if that makes any difference to me anymore. Since I no longer work outside the home, I am home all week long, making the days sometimes run together. I wake up some times not sure what day it may be. There was a time when I could depend on Vincent’s work to keep me on schedule. Yet as with most jobs his has cut back somewhat. I love the fact that he is home with me more, although sometimes it really cuts into me getting all my things done. He has been off for the last 10 days and let’s just say that this morning for some time I truly thought it was Thursday.

Since I have been a bit void of blogland as of late, I thought I would give an update on what has been keeping me away. So here goes….
It has been a busy week. Working outdoors in the yard for the most part. With the temperatures climbing into the mid to upper 90s I have had to water my plants every other day. And like I have said in earlier posts, I created quite a garden to water. Yet still yesterday I could not pass up a great buy on some beautiful gerber daises, so this morning I was planting once again. With Vincent being home this last week he has been able to also help with the laying of rock in my fairy garden. When it is all finished I will be sure and share some photos with you.
The wildflowers also started to come up around the pond and needless to say it is gorgeous. Everyday day there is more color. This morning we drove the country side and occasionally stopped to cut flowers/seeds to take home and plant. Sometimes in the evening when I sit on my back porch and look out over the pond as the breeze sways the willows I am in amazement of the peacefulness of our little place. Although we have talked times about maybe moving someday, I know that if that day ever comes I will be so very sad to leave.
Another thing I learned this week was that there is the possibility that we will not get to have the grandkids this summer for a mini vacation. My son in law is to deploy to Afghanistan and they want to spend as much family time together as possible. I do understand yet will miss the time with them… Yet as I stated this is not a definite thing yet so…. Keep tossing some positive thoughts my way.
Also this week, Sunny gave me a couple of adventures to share with him. First was the feeble attempt I made to rescue a bird from his clutches. Of course I failed and like me being the sentimental sap that I am, I could not let him eat it once I seen it. Then later on the same day, he was chasing another bird whom when I saved, I thought I could nurse back to health. A small chickadee whose only issue seemed to be a damaged wing was quickly put into my bird cage to recuperate. When I checked in on him this morning, I realized that he was wounded worse than I thought and later he passed. After cutting the wood for 2 small coffins as well as 2 crosses, I assembled them and laid Sunny’s victims to rest.
On the creative side I have been dabbling in many new ideas from painting, to writing, to working with dried flowers. Hopefully I will be able to share some of my creations with you soon. I did notice that my one year anniversary is coming up quickly. In July to be exact. Be on the lookout for a big giveaway. I have so enjoyed this last year with all of you. So many great friends and wonderful wisdom has been sent my way, I want to give a little back. I am planning on announcing all the details later in June so come back periodically to check it out… I can assure you it will be a doosey of giveaway.

So with that said, I wish you all adieu. Sending you warm wishes and happy thoughts. Take a little time to enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to hug someone. I am off to tie and hang my Echinacea treasures I found today.


mxtodis123 said...

Sounds like you've had a busy week. I was much like you when my kitty's used to go out and catch the birds. Always tried to save them. My Minga is too old now so I don't let her out. I remember hearing a squawking in the backyard on day...this was in my other house. I went out back and found a baby bird. We were overloaded with cats so I didn't want to just leave it there, so I walked up and down the block to see if someone would take it. No one would and I had no cage and two cats in the house, so I put him in a small box in the garage thinking he would be safe. Alas, I forgot that the window was partially open and in the morning, all I found were feathers. I was devastated.

On the other hand, before I moved to the city, I found a deformed robin and he lived over a year in a cage.

Have a wonderful weekend.

WyldeSage said...

I havent been around much myself...I got a new job finally, and started a new blog, so I have had hardly time for anything.

RA said...

Sounds like a wonderful week, even if a busy one. Here's hoping your week end will be as wonderful. :)

Heh, would you believe the word of verification for my comment is RESTED

Well, that's the way I hope we'll find you next week. :)

Dede said...

You so deserved so nice dry weather! Kudos to you with the wild flowers, I have never been able to get them to grow, gave them up this year. Sending positive thoughts your way that your son in law will not be deployed and your babies will spend the summer with you! So sorry to hear about the birds....Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


AkasaWolfSong said...

Oh I loved looking at your pictures! The Gerbera Daisy is one of my all time faves. The last one I had was a deep orange color and it lasted for five years..I would put it out each spring and it would thrive and then I'd bring it in and over the winter it would bloom too. It died last year and I haven't replaced it yet.
Your sacred piece of land sounds delightful and I can't wait to see all of your finished pics.
So sorry to hear your Grandbabes may not be coming but I will be praying that your family does not have to go through a deployment!
I've been busy with my gardening too, my beans are about a foot high, my cucumbers are coming right along as are my tomatoes. I need to go out and give them some Miracle Gro this weekend. We have some storms on the horizon for a few days so I will have to work in between the rain drops.
Do take care and be careful in the heat as you well know.
Blessings and Lots of Love! :)