Thursday, June 10, 2010

Farmer Market Wednesday - A Day Late

A day late, I know. It is Thursday and the title states Farmer Market Wednesday. What can I say I had my days mixed up again… Although the majority of our days have started out in the upper 70s and quickly rising to the mid 90’s yesterday was much different. The day started out a bit muggy yet some clouds rolled in and even some light rain. It was just enough to keep the morning and early afternoon nice and cool.

We decided to take the bike and enjoy the pleasant weather so it was doubly fun. The ride in the misty light rain was quite refreshing. The abundance of what is available seems to still be the spring veggies. Don’t get me wrong I am in no way complaining. I love the cabbage, onions and varieties of lettuce that are available now. Alas my cabbage lady was not there so I was unable to get a new variety to try. Hopefully she will be there next week. My mother will be down visiting then so she will get to venture with me when I go out. I really think she will enjoy the variety of things we have to choose from.

Of course I purchased a good stock of cherry tomatoes. Vincent and I can’t seem to get enough of these things. They have been so favorable this spring. I think next spring I am going to try my hand at a couple bushes here at the house so we will have them on a 24/7 basis. There is nothing better for a hot summer lunch then a piece of buttered rye bread with thinly sliced tomatoes and a little salt and pepper.

I found some wonderful baby squash. A few yellow, a couple zucchini and one of my favorite the 8 ball. If you have never had one I urge you to try it. I discovered grilled squash last year and cannot get enough of it. You can count on having a post in regards to the many different ways to prepare it in the future.

I also found a couple ladies who were selling dip mixes. Of course this was a tasting booth so seeing that I tasted a good lot of them I figured that I should purchase one. I brought one home which is called Jack and the Bean dip. I will tell you right now I really do not know why it is called that. It is a mixture of Onions, Jalapenos, tomatoes, garlic, cayenne, cumin, paprika, oregano, thyme and pepper. The great thing about this is that is exactly what is in it and nothing else. There is no salt, msg, or preservatives. Something I am always looking for.

I made up a batch yesterday for Vincent and I to snack around on. Below is the recipe. I will have to be honest after doing so all I could think was is I could dry my own ingredients and make this myself. This of course would allow me to play around with the ingredients, which is something I love doing.

Combine 1 cup of sour cream and one cup of mayonnaise with 3 Tablespoons of the mix. I added a fresh chopped up jalapeño for a little extra kick. Mix and serve. Of course we started eating on it immediately yet I think it would be best if it sat for a bit to let the flavors mingle. Next time I also plan on trying it with fat free sour cream and maybe a different mayonnaise. I have been dying for an excuse to try the olive oil or fat free variety. We ate it with carrots and pretzels, yet I think sliced cucumbers or celery would also go nicely. I also think it would work great as a sandwich spread on maybe a turkey and provolone. Needless to say it was yummy.

Until next week, enjoy yourself and eat something fresh… Not only is it good for you but it taste so good.


Anonymous said...

I adore squash! I'm growing quite a few different varieties this year so can't wait to see some of your recipes and give them a go!
Nellie x

AkasaWolfSong said...

Oh you have me salivating over here Mother Moon! LOL

Don't you just love Farmer's Market?

I will have to try my hand at making the dip you've suggested. It sounds wonderful. My grandchildren love fresh veggies with dip and they like hot and spicy so this would really go over here!

Thanks a Million!

Blessing and Love...

girlichef said...

Trips to the Farmer's market are one of my favorite things...the dip sounds great! Plus, now you've inspired me to make some up myself! YUM :D

RA said...

Your whole potsing was yummy. You have such a delicious way of describing edible things.... :D

Rue said...

You are so fortunate to have squash already! I love summer squash and zucchini, and grill mine as well - yum!

Bogaman said...

We're still lagging behind you on garden stuff. This wet weather has really hampered plant growth.
Pictures are great and everything looks good. Your dip sounds like it might be worth a try, but I'll probably have to go to the store for the veggies:( X.

Dede said...

Oh you make me so hungry! I love squash and cherry tomatoes. Eat them for snacks and can't get enough. See you at the water tomorrow. Wishing you a beautiful weekend!


VintageSage said...

I just love getting fresh veggies and fruits from the farmer's market! That dip mix looks extremely delicious! :)