Monday, June 7, 2010

Celtic Tree Lore - The Oak

eginning on the 10th of June and continuing through July 7th the Celtic Tree month of Oak will take place. Representing the 7th of the thirteen tree months; the Oak falls in the middle of all the others. It is said that the Celts viewed the oak as a “representation of divinity.” Druids are said to never meet unless under an Oak. The view of the Oak’s sacredness, it was at one time believed that the Oak was the first tree ever to be created by God and its fruit, the acorn, was the first food of mankind. It is said that the Oaks tree roots mirror its branches and stretch as far below the ground as the branches do above. Oak is also one of the nine sacred woods for a sabbat fire in which it represents the God. It is also the wood traditionally used in the Litha fire as this is the time when the Oak is said to reach the height of its power.

The Oak along with the birch and yew represent the three pillars of wisdom in the Roman culture. The Oak is also one third of the Triad of Faery trees along with Ash and Hawthorne. Sacred Oak groves have always been places of worship and learning. Each tribe would gather beneath what was considered their own Oak. It was called their Tree of Life and functioned as the tribes’ talisman.

The Oak is a slow growing tree. When one sees a great Oak of great size, one can be assured that it is also quite aged. It can reach heights of 110 feet (33 meters) and has a girth of anywhere from 30 to 40 feet (9-12 meters). A good example of this massive side is the Major Oak which is located in Sherwood Forest. It still stands yet is supported these days to help prevent it from collapsing. It measures 64 feet (20 meters) in its girth. This fact makes it easy to believe the tale from history that King Arthurs round table was made from a single slice of Oak. Although an Oak seems to grow a bit faster in its first century, after this point the growth increases by less than one year per year. This slow sense of growth is what matures the wood in a way to acquire the hardness and strength to give Oak its reputation of being close to indestructible.

The Oak is considered King of the woods. He is old and gnarled. Regardless of the abuse it receives it stands tall and survives over the years. He is a marker point, a cornerstone and a refuge in the forest.


Eliza said...

I love the oak, there are two where I keep my horse, they seem to have their own personalities.

mxtodis123 said...

I get such energy from these old oak trees. Just love them.

rox said...

Hello , I just wanted to let You know that Your blog has an award via my blog the natural catholic . I can't figure out how to email people via thier blogs so just posting in the comment section.
Thanks a bunch
lov rox

Rue said...

We don't have many oaks around here. I've seen only a few in landscaped areas. They are a gorgeous tree though!

pheonix_Dawn said...

there is a sacred oak in my mother in laws yrd her husband has cut it down a couplo of times and wants to get rid of it it keeps coming back it has a beautiful shoot I want to try to start in my yard any suggestions where I would love to save its spirit. I have photographed it on several occasions and it has orbs around it and then in other shots it doesnt. Pictures are taken in a row so I know its not any funny bussiness!