Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I Hope.....

Yesterday we were graced by cooler temperatures as well as some much needed rain. It started early in the morning hours and continued until early afternoon. Before the rain, the ground had become quite dry and the pond was beginning to look a bit puny. Fuzz from the nearby cottonwood trees had collected across the pond surface giving it a choked look. The many frogs that call our pond home had also become quieter than in earlier times.

Yet as afternoon came the clouds thinned and on occasion the sun peeked out to shine across the sky. It was obvious that the drink was well needed. The pond was clear once more with subtle ripples flowing across from the gentle north breeze. The frogs even occasionally sang out in unison as if they were also giving their thanks. Flowers further across the yard than my watering hose can reach were standing upright, faces wide and colorful. It was a beautiful day.

As I began my day today, the front which had brought us the much needed moisture had also laid way for cooler mornings. I actually was able to sit on the back porch this morning and enjoy my morning coffee as Winston, Sunny, and Sweetie chased each other across the yard. I can tell the yard will need mowed in a day or two. Yet that is ok… It is worth it.

I have been quite busy the last few days. I have been completing items for the goodie boxes. I must say I have enjoyed it so much. As I have worked on the items I intend to give, I have reflected on the evolvement of myself over the last year. It is not just the writing in the blog which has had a part in this change. Many things have influenced it. Yet it has been nice to have a place to come and relax with friends and let go of the things that run through my mind at times.

I have for the most part tried to keep this a peaceful and positive place where the words spoken are nurturing and helpful. Of course like all of us there are times when I do have to step up on the soap box and speak my two cents. I have strong feelings and as I grow older I find myself wanting to speak them more. I am not sure if this is good or just the senility setting in. Either way, I think that as I begin the second year that there may be more posts that deal with some of these strong feelings.

I have often been an observer in life. Sitting back and watching and learning from the interactions that I have seen. I am not sure why I feel so inspired to stand up now and speak. Yet I think these days that there are many out there in the world who feels much as I feel. The world is not what it used to be. I know that is something that one always hears someone say as they begin to progress into age. I myself swore that it was one thing I would not say as I grew older. Yet here I am saying that exact thing. Although as I look out through the going ons of today it is hard not to wonder.

From the devastation in the gulf, to the many wars and discourse between countries, to the increase of sinister acts of violence, greed, and unlawfulness; this world it seems is becoming lost. I hope that it is only the worry of a woman who is growing in age and is dealing with the acceptance that things are changing quicker than she is able to keep up with. I hope that so much of the “technology” and “improvements” thrown at us each day truly is best for us. I hope that all we keep taking from this world is not more than we are all giving back to it.

Yet inside me there is this feeling… this cry…


AkasaWolfSong said...

Bless You Raelin...You know...I think as we grow older we finally begin to lose all the filters we've had in place because society and our tribes say you can't say this or do that because oh my goodness how would that look? I count it as a priviledge or honor if you will that as I've grown older I am able to speak my truth and not be worried what the next one will think of me. Of course we must not be hurtful but it is important that we share the things that disturb us that are less than honorable. At least I find that to be true for me. One of the reasons I read your blog is your honesty and wisdom so I will welcome what you have to share.

So happy to hear the rains came to refill your beloved pond and bring joy to the wildlife and plantlife in your sacred corner of the world. In our neck of the woods we have only had 6 dry days in June! So I welcomed the drier air flow we have had the past two days as well as the sunshine and cooler temps. Right now it is a perfect 73 with sunny skies and it feels heavenly! I don't do well at all with high heat and humidity.

As always I loved your pictures...you do so well with your camera! :)

Bless you and pull up that cry from your depths and let your voice be heard Sister...It is as important as everyone else's!

Blessings and wishing for you another year of profound beauty among your blog pages.

Scented Leaf said...

I think is a new paradigm and all of us are in this ship, we live in stormy times, we try to hold the past while embracing the new, discovered and uncovered.

Clara said...

Dear Mother Moon, i understand you so much...
Thank you for sharing this post, this blog.
may the peace, and the light of love bless your hearth, your soul and our beautiful world.

Wendilea said...

I have heard this cry too, and have often spoken up and out in poetry and prose, but I just seemed to be alienating myself. You have such a gentle way with words and I'm sure many would listen and agree with you. So please speak up with your gifted voice.

mxtodis123 said...

I was pleasantly surprised when I left work today...such a nice breeze. It will be a great night to spend some time outdoors. I guess they were right when they said the heatwave would break late this afternoon...but this is only the first...and this is only June. What is to come?

Linda in New Mexico said...

yes my dear, I hear it too.

Nydia said...

There's nothing to do with aging, but with having a sensitive soul. It hurts to see how bad mankind is treating the Earth and their own brothers and sisters. With the instant media we know everything that's going on in the world in a wink, and this makes things even worse. But I'm a natural optimistic, and tend to see the many beautiful souls that are around, though. Quite naive, but it's my survival tool. Blessed be, and chin up!

Kisses from us.

Teresa said...

I think it is natural for us to ponder and worry about these things more as we age. I too try to focus on the positive and keep finding it harder to bite my tongue at some of those serious issues.

Dede said...

I am so glad that you were able to sit out on your porch. Having coffee in the cool mornings is such a joy. The weather here has been very hot, humid and thunderstorms. Wishing you a beautiful day!


Lyon said...

Good morning, Mama! It has been awhile since I've had a chance to swing by and catch up, so I wanted to say hello today. Congrats on your one year mark too by the way - that is wonderful for you! I see you are writing as crisp and colorful as ever. I do hope you are well.

Anonymous said...

Good morning mother! It has been a long time since I have commented, but your post hit home for me this morning. I too have been feeling the same way the last few years, as I have grown older, opened my eyes, and see all the horrible things going on, and the changes in our society and the world. It is sad and scary. I wonder what is really going on, and how we have come to this point in our history...sad to say it is embarrassing. I do hope that changes are coming and that people will grow and learn, not all of them will, but hopefully enough to make a difference of some sort.

I hope you have a wonderful day, I wish I could be there on that porch with you enjoying coffee and good conversation! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Janie...my sweet dear girl...
I know that call only too well.
What can we do?
When the world is ruled by idiots...we hear the plight but sometimes feel so helpless :o(
I give you a big BIG kiss and a hug...my lovely friend...so sensitive and yet so down to earth.
Know this Janie...at least you can make your own space be lived in harmony...no one can take that from you.
And the more we shout out for the planet the more folks will hear...maybe some of them will help...maybe...

On a lighter note...your preserves are wonderful...you make me green with envy at your harvest...can I come for tea and jam scones?
I promise to behave nicely ;0)

Anonymous said...

Hey why does it say that I'm anonymous?
Now you'd hardly say that I was shrinking violet!
So what happened there then?