Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Johnny - Would have been the big 70

Seventy years ago today, October 9th, 1940, a little boy was born.  He was much like any other little boy, at least from first glance... He had that naughty nature that most boys have... He adored his aunt Mimi and spent most of his time with her... He was a lover of dogs and so on.

As time passed he grew and his interests also.  His passion seemed to be that of music and also standing up for things he felt were not right.  Sometimes his strong words and attitude got him in a bit of trouble yet that was never something that bothered this young man.

He partnered with a few friends of his and formed a band.  They caught on quite quickly and soon before he knew it he was off galavanting across the world..

Yet soon this grew old and he wanted more.  His passion for human rights and peace became stronger and his voice was something that he wanted to be made heard.  He had a family and life seemed to be going well.  This little boy who was born in Liverpool England so many years ago (40 to be exact) was what he might even consider happy.
Yet to all good things there comes an end and unfortunately it seems to the best things this end is always too soon.  On December 8th 1980 a shot rang out and ended the voice.  Yet only for a short time... His message was too loud to be silenced forever, His voice could not be silenced so easily, even after death he still could be heard.

So on this day dear John, I wish you a very happy birthday.  I can not help but wonder what this world would have been like if you would have had the opportunity to stay with us a bit longer.  Your short 40 years here gave us so much, to think if you would have had 30 more.  Rest in peace... but not too quietly... Your words are still sung, they are still spoken... You are still heard.


Merry ME said...

Rest in peace, but not too quietly.
That's a powerful message for death or life.


Kally83 said...

A beautiful tribute. Thank you for sharing. John was gone even before I was born, but my father was a hardcore fan and I was raised on Lennon's music (Beatles and solo) and have come to appreciate him not just for his musical genius but for his heart and compassion for the human race.

Nydia said...

I was 11 at my grandparents' when we watched the news on TV about his murder. My grandpa cried a lot, I was beyond words. Th world is less beautiful without him, for sure.

Sweet post, Moon.

Kisses and love from us.

Nydia said...

What a loss... I imagine all the beautiful things he could be creating if still alive. That's a beautiful tribute.

Kisses and love from us.

PS: No parcels yet?