Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Little MVP and His Sister the Cheerleader

Although my grandkids were on Fall break during our visit last week, we still had to go to soccer and cheerleading practice.  I did not mind this much as we also were able to take in their last game of the season.

The last time I had visited I had the pleasure of attending one of my grandson's soccer games and it was at this time that I  was introduced to what would become his nemisis. 

A ball cap covered the long hair of his nemisis.  From a distance we were sure that it was a girl.  Although they appeared to be quite a player with a natural ability or at least someone who coached them often.  Yet as the game progressed and the hat soon came off due to the heat, we realized that what we thought to be a girl was really just a little boy with long hair. 

Even after that first game we told my grandson that his rival was a boy yet he refused to believe us, that is until he took a closer look.  He had been polite and purposely avoided being too rough with this player as he did not want to hurt "her".

Therefore when I was able to see his last game of the season and I realized that once more he would be playing the same team I was glad and wondered how he would approach it this time.

Needless to say his manners were a bit more laxed than previously and he was not as cordial as he had been before.  It was good to see him play so hard.  He has a natural talent himself and it is definately coming out.

His sister cheered him on as best she could or should I say as much as she wanted too.  The rest of the time she relaxed in her chair or played with her baby brother.  It was only 4 and 5 year olds playing soccer. 

Between plays my grandson could not even keep the little women off him.  Although from what I hear he sort of likes the women.  This was the baby boy who hid a pair of silk panties in his stroller from Victoria Secrets before he was a year old. 

That afternoon my grandson's team celebrated the end of their season with a picnic and awards.  My grandson grabbed the overall MVP for the season.  Not too bad for someone who was only 3 when the season started which made him the youngest on the team. 

I look forward to the years to come where there are sure to be many more games and much more trophies.  Can you tell I am a bit proud.... didn't think so.


AkasaWolfSong said...

Awww...I love stories like these! Don't you just love it when they find their niche and excel so well?

I loved the pictures can see they are playing their hearts out!

I had to giggle over the Victoria Secrets panties...your grandson certainly has an eye for the'finer' things, lol! Babies just love that silky feeling. Well, maybe we all do all of our lives, when I stop to think about it!

I hope you have a Stellar Week!
Blessings and Abundant Joy!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

He's got groupies already!!! Star athletes get all the girls.

Wendy said...

That is the funniest story of his "nemesis" with the long hair. I have a feeling he'll have groupies all his life, he and his sister are just beautiful!

the wild magnolia said...

Stellar comments, photographs and subject - the beloved grandchildren!

Linda in New Mexico said...

Your grandbabies are so darn cute. Love all the action shots. Way to go GG....that does stand for gorgeous grandma right?????
the Olde Bagg

Mother's Moon's Message said...

more like grateful grandma Linda.. but thanks for the compliment... to me and my grands

Wendy... yea he'll have groupies Im sure... he already has them and hes just 4... Beleive it or not he even already has a pair of twins after him... and get this they are older than him...

aurorafedora said...

aren't grandkids the BEST?! love your blog!

Teresa said...

These are such wonderful pictures of the game, and your little cheerleader is so adorable!

Lorena G. Sims said...

I love the pictures, great captures..Wow, those kids looks so cute, and had so much fun.

TD (Tammy @ Journal of Evolution) said...

Your grandkids are beautiful! Congrats to your MVP!

Nydia said...

Awww... How cute!! Congrats for your little soccer player, and the most adorable cheerleader! :)

Lucas and he would have a blast playing together, lol!