Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Thought To Ponder - Seeing the Other Side

After all these years, I am still involved in the process of self-discovery. It's better to explore life and make mistakes than to play it safe. Mistakes are part of the dues one pays for a full life.
Sophia Loren

Many of you read my post last Thursday when my subject manner was honesty. Normally I post a short quote and at times a brief add on. However this last week my post was a bit longer than that. A situation had occurred in my life which brought hurt feelings my way. I wrote about this experience in a hope that it would help to clear my energy and help me to release the negative feelings that I was generating.

Half our mistakes in life arise from feeling where we ought to think, and thinking where we ought to feel.
--John Churton Collins

As time progressed though the individual whom I had had the disagreement with communicated with me that this was far from their intention. In retrospect, I considered deleting the post yet decided against it as it was a part of my evolution and therefore should not be taken away nor should I be ashamed of it, especially if I had learned the lesson that I was suppose to learn from it.

Every truth has two sides, it is as well to look at both before we commit ourselves to either

Although my perspective was just that, my perspective it was not the only perspective that was seen. I still have the emotion to this issue although I have been able to see it in a broader spectrum; yet it came to a point of agreeing to disagree at least for now as it is still a tender subject matter to discuss between us. I have always been aware that there is more than one side to any situation and often many; yet there are times when frustration and anger can cloud that knowledge from us.

Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes
.--Oscar Wilde

I guess in a way I am writing this for much the same reason I wrote the other post… to release it from me and move on. To the person who shares this situation with me, know I love you… know that I do not do or say the things I do as a means to hurt or control you… know that communication between us is the most important thing to me and although I may be way more honest at times then I should be, do not expect me to change. I lived in the shadows of secrets when I was young and well into my adult life. It is a place that I do not wish to revisit. It is my hope that in time we will look back with smiles for the lessons and the closeness we received from this experience.


Merry ME said...

Ah, the shadow of secrets ... a place I know well and would not choose to revisit either. Sometimes my open book attitude gets me in trouble, but I'd rather have it that way than trying to tell half-truths or cover-ups. Honesty is very important to me.

Toni aka irishlas said...

There is so much truth in this post. Being open and honest is hard. Facing your fears is hard. Having an open mind, at times, is even harder. I believe being able to see the "other side" is a huge sign of growth and as we all know, sometimes it hurts to grow.

Good for you knowing who you are and for having the knowledge to try and let it go. Sometimes it seems this is an impossible task.

May you find your peace.

Linda in New Mexico said...

Good for you MM. I think you are wise and brave to face all sides of this with honesty. I hate being on the icky side of a situation but the upside is there waiting for us to claim and I think you have found that as well. Blessings dear one, The Olde Bagg

Illustrated Ink said...

Janie, I think you're thinking and feeling through this experience in a very healthy way. The ones that we hold dear never intend to hurt us, but while that offers more insight, that doesn't make it hurt any less. Unfortunately, dishonesty causes mistrust which damages any bond, but this too shall pass. I hope you both keep your communication open, that lessons have been learned, and that love will carry on...

Wendy said...

I feel it is a real gift when you post your feelings and experiences so honestly and openly, Mother Moon. We all experience misunderstandings, and hurt feelings. Thank you for sharing your journey. I'll remember this post when I inevitably will experience something similar.

RA said...

Secrets, like all negative things stem from fear. You are wise to turn your back on negativity. :)

mxtodis123 said...

Great post. Writing does help. I had some issues during the week which I held in for four days before writing about them. When I finally did, I began to feel better.

Lyn said...

Blogging is a great tool to put thoughts and feelings 'out there' and to gain perspective. I enjoy your honesty and I'm sure with a little time the situation of which you speak will pass. Hugs, Lyn x

AkasaWolfSong said...

Ah Dear Sister...We all stand in the Truth of our own perceptions, do we not? I am happy you have decided to just continue on as it shows a woman dedicated to herself as well as the other person. When we shrink back we not only do ourselves a disservice but the other person is not served either. Truth shall prevail in the end either way and if I know you, your Higher Self is right where it needs to be in this...learning and growing! It is a special gift for all of us, to listen and grow from this lesson.
May your loved one and you embrace in peaceful resolution!
Wishing for you the Very Best!

Teresa said...

Very honest post. I've found that many times people are not ready to accept honesty.