Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cleaning the Closet

It is funny sometimes how we try so hard to do what we feel to be the "right" thing. Sometimes times our efforts lead us to do exactly the opposite. Either that or the end product does not come out in a manner that is exactly pleasing to us or what we wanted to show to those around us.

In learning about my abilities there have times that I have wavered from what I have felt led to do because it did seem to exactly fall into the guidelines of what I thought was proper. Much of this would be due to my newness to the craft as well as my thirst to find out more by reading. I have learned that there are many books out there with many ideas and methods as to how one should "practice the craft" It can be extremely confusing for one who is searching to find the paths that they are to take in their journey. One bad book or ill advice from someone can set you back or lead you down a path that could detour you from your course for some time.

I know that many would consider me green at this. And in some ways I feel I am. However, I also know and firmly believe that it has been with me forever. I vividly remember events from my early childhood and throughout my life of its presence. No, I was not raised in its teachings on a day to day basis. I was not blessed to have some old sage lend me their knowledge throughout my life. Yet still it has always been with me.

My acceptance of it in the last years has cleared out much of the clutter that had been put in my mind before. It is much like cleaning out an old closet. Getting rid of the things that you truly do not need. Yet holding on to those that are precious or may be of some use at a later time. I have learned that trusting my own intuition is of the utmost importance. I listen and seek out wise counsel. In fact I would say I crave it. I know the value of the wise and aged and the simple truth of the young. I know the nuggets of gold that they possess within them to share if only we sit and listen. These moments I cherish and only wish for more.

I urge you all to trust yourself. Trust the gifts that have been given to you to hold.... to share... Do not hide yourself away or think yourself more important than others. Seek the path that you are called to follow and travel down it.

Wishing you a blessed day
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