Monday, July 20, 2009

Poetry in Motion - The Life of an Empath

I was a quiet child growing up. Much of the time I kept to myself. I felt close and at peace with small animals and nature in general. Simply sitting beneath a large oak with my kittens listening to the day was enough for me. I loved this so much because it was quiet, it was peaceful. The overload of many people or just one emotionally charged person often was enough to get to me. For so long I did not know why I felt so. I accepted it for many years that it was just my over - sensitivity. As all my senses seemed to be heightened at all times. Sometimes this could be a grand thing and the euphoria of it was amazing. At other times it could drag me to the depths of some hallows that I thought I would never escape. As time passed I learned that what I experienced though my life was the fact that I was an Empath.

An Empath is one who has the capability to sense and/or read and understand peoples feelings and thoughts. It can also include sensing and being able to read past present and future life occurrences. Empathy is not merely reading ones mood. It entails much more then this. An Empath can see ones true emotions to the extent that they relate to the deeper feelings and not merely what the person may show on the surface. Such ability can be experienced towards many things. Depending on the strength of one's ability, this could range from friends, family, children, old people, complete strangers, and even plants and animals. Distance is also not necessarily a barrier to some.

An Empath is a highly sensitive person. Therefore often their gift is mistaken simply as over-sensitivity. However the difference is that an Empath along with the heightened sensitivity also has a deep sense of knowing. Many times this knowledge and how it came about is unexplained. An Empath is also often a very caring and compassionate person. This is thought mainly because of their ability to know exactly what one may be going through although they may not necessarily speak it out loud.

The strength of an Empath varies for many reasons. Self awareness, understanding, and training of the gift all lend itself to enable the ability to be stronger. Most Empaths are not fully aware of their gifts until later in life. This is usually due to the fact that their tendencies can be explained off in alternative ways. This lends itself to the confusion the Empath endures when he first accepts and develops his gift. Without adequate encouragement and explanation of the evolution of empathy in someone the beginning can be a very lonely and confusing time.

Empaths are known for being good listeners and counselors. They are often compassionate towards nature and respect it for the gift of beauty it gives. They are often drawn to nature as a means of release. It becomes the perfect time to find solace and peace from the craziness of life. Pets are also usually a favorite of Empaths. It offers a natural unconditional love. An Empath is often quiet and may not handle flattery well. They feel more inclined to speak of others attributes as their own. Although they can also be withdrawn and somewhat narcissistic, reclusive, and unresponsive. This is normally due to the fact that they have learned to be very good at total shut down and pushing all feeling out of their lives, including their own.

In closing the life of an Empath, whether they know this about themselves or they still have not accepted or realized it, can be a hard one. Imagine hearing thoughts on a rather continuous basis. Emotions, good and bad. It has a tendency to at times become quite burdensome. I am including some simple tips on how to ground or cleanse yourself to help some of the weight be a little less.

Think of it as clearing your energy. The simple most effective way is to simply take a warm bath. Not a shower as it just runs down you. It does not envelope you and help to was away that emotional gunk that tends to build up at times. You don't necessarily need candles or bath salts, however both can lend itself to the relaxing of the time. And above all, make sure you are alone in the quietness. Doing this before one goes to bed is an excellent remedy for a good nights sleep, less the bad dreams that some of those carried over emotions can urge you to have.

Second a walk or just a calming few minutes outside with nature and her sounds. This can be done anywhere yet it is best if it is where the sounds of man are not as evident. If this is not possible, go outside and put on your earphones with your favorite music turned low. Close your eyes and just feel the breeze of the wind, the warmth of the sun or better still a warm summer rain falling down on you. Standing in the rain and allowing nature herself to help wash the emotional grime from you is even better.

A nice smoldering sage bundle is also a good way to ward off the negative energy that may be lingering. If you do not necessarily enjoy this smell lighted incense will also work. Try to used a scent that enhances the cleansing action. ie: frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, etc.

Remember above all that you don't have to be alone. There are many of us out there. Goggling Empath alone brings up numerous sites to explain and offer help. Reach out to others. This will help the process of accepting and developing your gift. And if you are a friend of an empath, remember one thing. There will be times when they may wish to go off for a brief time to regenerate themselves. This is in no way personal. It is a good thing and something all empaths need from time to time.

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