Thursday, July 16, 2009

A New Beginning

Today is a new beginning. Not only in regards to the beginning of this blog, Raelin's Rantings and/or Mother Moon's Message, yet also for each one of you and the billion of others that walk this world. It is an opportunity to change, to do more, to do less, to follow that which is so strongly calling your name. The choice falls equally on each of us. No one has more, no one has less of the ability to do any of what is laid before us.

As far back as I can remember in my memory, which is about when I was 2 or 3, I can recall a sense about me that there was something special about me. My environment in no way encouraged this sense yet still it flourished hidden deep inside of me. For this I am so thankful. Events that took place throughout my life good and bad together entwined to form what I have become today. I was not fortunate to have a guide at an early age. My influence was thus that it kept me from that which I would eventually realize was my calling, what I was created for.

It is an amazement that when one accepts their fate, how easy the road becomes. How smoothly it begins to fold out before you. Things that before were so clouded and difficult to make sense of are now so obvious. I have learned that there are so many that feel lost and confused as to what is calling inside of them. They know what their hearts are saying to them, yet at times the guidance that is so desperately wanted and needed is not there. We are told that we are attempting to walk down the wrong path. It is not that we are weak people who can not follow what we believe in, we are just confused and unsure of what we should do.

Thus today... thus the new beginning. I reach out to those who are like me.. To those who have just recently accepted the path and are attempting to walk down its pale trail as best they can. I also reach out to those of you who have long been on the journey. Your experience and wisdom is so greatly needed by so many. It is not a time to try to become a great leader of many but a time to share in what we all know with each other so that as a group we may move forward.

It is my prayer that together slowly at first, we will grow, learning from one another. And in time we ourselves will reach out our hand to one who is searching for answers, searching for truth, searching for acceptance. It is after all what we are all here for.



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