Monday, July 27, 2009

Lazy Monday Morning

I woke this morning to find a cloudy day. Rain came down lightly on the roof drumming softly urging me to just stay in bed a bit longer. The covers felt good snuggled up tight around my neck and I could hear my little voice telling me to just stay in bed a little bit more. Yet I knew it was time to rise and to once more start my day.

Slowly I scooted around the house in silence, as I was the only one here. Vincent had left much earlier to begin his work week. I greeted the kittens (Willow, Emma, & Turd) good morning as I entered the utility room. I opened the back door to let them escape to the cool dampness of the morning. They scampered out quickly as they do each day; stopping to greet the other cats that had already began to occupy the back porch. Ah the life of a cat. Eat, sleep, play… then start it all over again. I leaned down to pet each one a bit before I returned to the house to further continue my daily routine.

I picked up a few things in the kitchen and started a load of laundry. Ate my breakfast and took my vitamins. So many things that I can see that I need to do. It is another week and another day. I begin to work on the things that need tended to. My chores take me outdoors once more to feed the cats. They jump and run about my feet, speaking as if urging me to play with them. Seeing some stray weeds in my flower garden I kneel to pull them.

Such a peaceful day it is. The frogs are lined up along side the pond, enjoying the gentle rain as it falls. Birds congregating around the bird feeders to eat their morning snack. A beautiful flicker lands on a nearby willow, displaying all its colors. A lone hummingbird takes turns between the 3 feeders enjoying the fact that he has it all to himself. Even the flowers seem to be enjoying the slowness of this morning. The rain drips off each petal slowly, falling onto another to follow the same sequence again. I find it hard to motivate myself today. I would enjoy to just sit on my back porch and experience the quiet summer rain. And perhaps later, after “some” of my chores are finished… I will do just that.

Enjoy your day