Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Moon Rising

There is a new moon rising tonight. And no I am not talking about the new Twilight movie. It is the phase of the moon where the moon is positioned between the Earth and the Sun. The three objects are in alignment and the illuminated half of the moon is on the back side, or the half which is not visible to us. Thus making it appear as if there is no moon at all.

Likewise at this same time a total solar eclipse is set to occur at the same time. A solar eclipse can only occur at the time of a new moon. July 21st not only marks the date of the new moon but also marks the date of the total solar eclipse. Unfortunately this eclipse will not be visible in the Americas but will only be seen by those in Asia and over the Pacific Ocean. It will occur at 9:35 pm Central time.

This will be the second new moon in cancer this year. The first new moon under cancer occurred on June 22. With this timing comes times of emotional sensitivity as well as deep thoughts and feelings in regards to the impressions of the heart. Examples: Family Personal history, etc. It is a time for self reflection on oneself and the discarding of things that may be harmful to us. This coupled with the occurring solar eclipse is sure to possibly be a turning point for many.

To many a solar eclipse is a time that brings about clear endings, as the new moon is a time for new beginnings. It seems only fitting that the two should join forces with one another. If you are accustomed to recognizing and celebrating the phases of the moon and/or eclipses, tonight would be a good time to rid yourself of anything that may be weighting you down. This could range from emotional baggage to a simple acceptance of a truth that you have been trying to avoid. It is important to come up with a ritual that has meaning to you. Don't worry so with following specific guidelines unless of course you are part of an organized group.

As with any spell the most important key to its success is to believe and to follow up. Find ways to keep your New Moon intentions in a place where they will be visible to your awareness on a frequent basis. Good examples of this are writing in your journal, a small note in your wallet, or something that represents your intention in visible sight.

The new moon represents new beginnings. An opportunity to start fresh and to cease bad habits or anything that may be unhealthy to us. This evening take a moment to be alone and acknowledge the moon and her wonderful ways, giving to her your worries and burdens so that you can start fresh. Remember that even as the light of the moon is hidden from us, the light is still there and will return in time.

Peace & Blessings