Friday, July 17, 2009

The Solitary

Although I know that there are many that frown upon the one who may call themselves a Solitary Practitioner, in many ways we have all been one at some time in our journey. Most commonly it is at the beginning when we are questioning ourselves and learning about the craft. Even those who eventually choose to join a group, whether it be to learn and grow or to practice in the way they feel is proper (being led by an elder), in the beginning we were all a solitary.

There are many reasons one may choose the solitary path. Some are unable to find a coven in their area. Others may simply prefer to practice alone. Through out history there is reference to the solitary. The irony of this fact is that the history is referenced further back than even the organized coven. One would think that because I choose to follow the path of the solitary that I emphasize this more. On the contrary, I believe that each of us are individuals. Different gifts, different paths to walk. Because of this, some of us will work with others best as this will help to emphasize and hone the gifts that have been given us. Whereas others must walk alone. I also believe that even though one walks the path of one that this does not necessarily mean it is what they may prefer. The path of the solitary can be a lonely one. Those who have chosen this way understand what I refer to.

It is important that although our craft is practiced alone that still we commune with those of like thoughts. In my past until just recent, I did not do this. Many reasons can be given for why I did not, yet I know now looking back how much harder this made things. My coming to the point of acceptance was held back longer than possibly it would've been if I had acknowledged my way and allowed others with like minds into my life. My environment was not one that encouraged this way of thinking. On the contrary it was quite the opposite. One would like to think that through time man has become more open minded and allowed each to have their own thoughts. That the day of forced beliefs was a thing of the past. Yet honestly the punishment is just more subtle these days. True depending on your location there can be more of an acceptance for difference. Although still many do not like things that are different or that challenge their sense of security. All the more reason to hold firm to your beliefs.

In closing I urge those of you who are solitaires to continue to learn. In the walk of the solitary, learning is essential, as there are not others to share ideas or teach old ways. It can not be stressed enough how important it is to read on the subject. A couple books that are excellent references are Wicca For One by Buckland and Living Wicca by Cunningham. Both explain the path of the solitary and gives excellent insight to a simplistic manner of initiating your journey. And fellowship with others. One because it is helpful in your journey and also because it is just a good thing. Until next time, I leave you with blessings and wishes of good things to come.


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gothicrosepetal said...
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gothicrosepetal said...

needs to have more reactions...there is so much more to say than that it was just intresting..enlightening, inspiring, yes so much more. And it is such a beautiful picture :) and I think that we are never truly alone. For as long as we live under the same moon we are connected.