Sunday, December 13, 2009

Its a Beautiful Day

I rose early this morning, well before the sun rose.  A somewhat disturbing reoccurring dream would not leave my head despite my attempts to think on more pleasant things.  It only seemed to worsen each time I would try and go back to sleep so I gave in and left the warm comfort of the bed and Vincent's "soft" snores.  I made my way to my computer and caught up on some reading via blogland that I had not had a chance to earlier this week due to my busy schedule...

In the silence of the house I read some wonderful words from others in regards to the holiday season, traditions, struggles and such.  It was a pleasant time.  As the sun started to peek on the horizon and I could see the first light of the day softly come through the fog that still lay across the yard, I could not help but smile.  I knew the day would be a good one.  I slipped my shoes on and grabbed a coat and ventured outdoors to greet the day.  Such stillness... Heavy dew hung on the grass beneath my feet.  In the distance a faint rooster could be heard sounding to be relunctant to rise just yet... A silver crescent moon hung in the sky perfectly as if to greet me.   I heard the distant sounds of shotguns, probably quail hunters .  Their multiple shots told me either they had found a bountiful covey or that their aim was bad, I hoped for the later.    I let my cats out of the confines of the garage to join me outdoors.  They eagerly came. 

Back indoors I made the coffee and returned to my window and chair to watch the morning sun rise.  They say that today is to be spring like.  Yet as I look outdoors the greenery is missing and the splashes of color that accompany this time is also vacant.  Yet warm tempertures are evident.   The sun glistens off the still dew wet limbs of my willows and the birds begin their morning jaunts to check and see if food is still available in the feeders that line the yard.  The day is starting.  The stillness and silence will soon be past, giving way to a beautiful day.  Enjoy your Sunday.


faerwillow said...

~you left me feeling as if i was walking along side you...tis' a beautiful morning!~

Rooster Inn Primitives said...

The picture looks so beautiful and quite. I woke up to sleet. Can't wait for winter to be over. Hopefully tonight you can get a good nite sleep.

Enjoy your day

Olde Baggs n Stuft Shirts by LindaOma said...

Your writing style is such, that I too slipped my shoes and enjoyed the stillness and beauty. Thank you my dear for such a peaceful written picture. Have lovely rest of the day, Linda

The verification word is pated. Your turn to make up a meaning. Stupid game but fun huh?

Iris said...

What a beautiful description of morning! I am envious of your warmer temps, it is in the teens up here! I do like the snow that rests on the tree limbs though.

Your morning started out a lot like my own, being the first to rise, entirely too early for Sunday. Hope your day is full of time well spent!

mxtodis123 said...

What a beautiful post! Stirs up so many old memories in me...Sometimes, when I lived in the country, we would sleep outdoors and watch the sunrise.

Lyon said...

What a beautiful way to wake up. Thank you for letting us peek into your Sunday morning. I hope the rest of the day went just as well!

OleCrowsNestJournal_Nan said...

So happy that your cake balls were a hit! I am going to make more soon. This time I am going to put different flavorings in the bark and use my favorite mixes. I made the lemon ones for Chloe's family since that is what they like. They remind me of little petit four cakes or something.

Hope your day is a great one!! Talk to you later :)

Bridgett said...

I promise, I will be back to read this entry...but I had to let you know the runes arrived and I'm too excited to find your e-mail address at the moment! LOL

Janie, they're just AMAZING. The energy coming from them is so sweet and good.

And I just LOVE the little shamrock pendant you added...what a nice touch. The box is simply wonderful.

I could NOT be happier.

But girl, what is in that sachet that smells so tantalizing! I'm in love with the scent.

And all those instructions...just what I needed! Thank you for that as well.

Can you tell I'm hyper right now? LOL I'm just so happy!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Big hugs!

Mother's Moon's Message said...

oh nan do I have ideas for that cake ball recipe.... and yes they are very similiar to petite fours.... love them as do everyone else

Boo - so glad you love the runes... I hope they bring you much luck and guidance....

Bridgett said...

What an absolute beautiful photo. You made me want to be there with you and the cats. :)

BTW, I have a post scheduled for tomorrow about my wonderful runes.