Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Random Ramblings

Well December is finally here.... And for us it came in with a bang.  November was so mild with above normal temperatures it definately had me spoiled.  I have even been picking my roses occasionally and placing them on my kitchen window sill.  I think I may have picked my last one today.  The rain came in this afternoon and the colder temperatures are to follow.  A possibility of snow for the next few days is also forecast.  Winter or at least the cold weather is upon us.

Yet the colder weather does make it seem more like Yule.  If you are lucky enough to have a fire place, you know that no matter how much you love a nice fire, if its not cold enough it just isn't the same.  Unless of course you turn on the air conditioner quite low and light it up.. Something I have done once or twice in my life.  ( I love a good fire)  Plus as I have stated so many times previous, I am totally unable to get into a good cooking mood, especially for baking unless it is cold outside.  I am hoping to start all that good stuff up the later part of the week, when the freezing temps make their way in . 

I worked outdoors today, mainly because I knew that the coming days would not allow me to do so... Finishing up on the runes that I need to send to Heather & Bridgett, filling my bird feeders with ample seed as the birds always are hungrier when its cold, and just enjoying the last of the sun for a few days.  I rescued a bird from my cats again.  I truly thought that I would be able to save this one, yet it passed.  Vincent was so kind and built a small wooden box for me to bury it out under the elm with the other small animals (mainly birds) I have tried to save.  I have my own little pet  cemetary.  I'm sure my neighbors think I'm the crazy lady on the block.

My daughter called today to let me know that the dr. has requested she have a second ultra sound.  The one she had last week, determining that my 3rd grandbaby will be a boy, showed he was a bit small.  The dr. thinks that the due date is just off yet wants to make sure.  So of course me being the gg I am... I will not rest until it is verified...

Then of course its the Yule Sesaon....

Blessings to All


mxtodis123 said...

Ah, they say we might get a bit of snow on Saturday. Seeing is believing, of course. It's still much too warm here. And you are so right. The warm air just doesn't feel like Yule to me. Guess that's because I grew up in a cold countryside.

Dede said...

Congratulations on your third grandbaby! So that will make two boys and one girl, right? Oh a little one to cuddle again.


Rue said...

How lucky are you to still have roses! But I know what you mean about fires and baking. It must be cold outside to really enjoy these things, for me too!

I'm sure all will be well with your daughter and soon-to-be grandbaby!

Judith said...

I hate to see the rose's go to sleep for the winter. It's amazing how pretty the plant is in the summer, yet it's sooooo ugly in the winter!

Lyon said...

It's still getting into the fifties some days where I am, but it does seem the tide is turning and it is getting darn cold in the mornings and at night. It is a bit of a head twist when you're trying to get all jolly for yule and get your baking on when you're running around outside in a t-shirt. lol

My condolences to your bird friend. It was very kind of you to make the effort to try to save him.

OleCrowsNestJournal_Nan said...

How nice to be able to still pick a rose! Yule to me is a quiet reflective time about polar opposites. The cold and the warmth of the yule log. The death of the year the rebirth of the sun. It is a lovely time and a snuggly time in my opinion. Hope you get a little cool weather soon so you can make your homemade goodies!

Not Hannah said...

Is that a Joseph's Coat? It's beautiful!

I'm loving "getting to know you..."

Bridgett said...

Snow is also predicted here for the weekend. I can't say I'm sad about it...I actually like snow. It's the icy roads which don't appeal to me.

As far as burying animals? My parents have a pet tarantula in Tupperware sandwich container buried in their yard. :)

And I'm sure your grandson is just fine. Sending positive energies to you and your daughter.