Friday, December 11, 2009

Letters and Newbies

A quick thank you to all of you who have been so gracious to share your addresses with me.. I am truly overwhelmed.... and honestly can not wait to start writing.. I did not realize that A Simple Question would be answered so quickly and by so many.  When I was younger at one time I had over 100 pen pals around the world... there are a scarce few that I still even write to... It has been a true blessing to me.    I wanted to give another quick shout out to another newbie in blogland.  After seeing how you all responded to Amanda at Iris Awakened  I thought I would try it again. 
I ran across Brandi's blog Serendipity the other day.  She likewise is a new one to blog land with only a couple followers and the occasional discouragement that no one is listening.  I think what amazes me most about some of these blogs, as I was the same way, is that so much effort and feeling is put into the writings and the upkeep of the blog although no one seems to be reading it...

I will assure them though that many people run across your blog and read and are touched you just never know it.  Much as in life.  Oh the people we have an influence on that we never even know about.  I think if we did it would scare us to death.  Enjoy your Friday and stop by and visit Brandi if just to tell her hi.


Olde Baggs n Stuft Shirts by LindaOma said...

You're amazing. When you go past a mirror do you sometimes see the fleeting glimmer of your wings and halo. Well I do. These two ladies that you have mentioned are receiving blessings because you care and you do something about it. A quote from The Secret Garden, "the seeds Dickon and Mary planted, grew as if fairies tended them." Just like you. Blowing fairy kisses, Linda in New Mexico

faerwillow said...

~how ever so kind to bestow such kindness upon me...many thank you's for your delightful post, bright blessings, faerwillow~

Bridgett said...

Of course I will check Ms. Brandi out. :)

I used to have a Korean pen pal...and with people who'd I'd gone to camp with, etc.

It's cathartic to use a pen and paper and mail them to folks. Great idea!