Monday, August 24, 2009

The Chariot

Triumph - Success - Mastery - Control - Journeys - Fame

A complete sense of control transcends from the picture of the Chariot. A firm grip on the reins of the horses that lead her, her staff clasped strongly in her hand, she is ready for anything that may come her way and she knows it. Her confidence and surety are evident in all things about her.

The black and white stallions which lead her to where it is she goes, are representative of the black and white or good and bad in all our lives. They work side by side , giving balance to her ride. Understanding that it will take an acknowledgement of both to assure the ride is smooth. Acting as two facets of the same mechanism, they work together rather than against. Her strong hold on the reins of both, show her ability to manage any unwanted forces that may come her way.

It is a control or management of ones self. Understanding the need for challenges and possible adversities to come our way in order that we may learn and grow to the point we are destined to achieve. Understanding the need also for the moments to be still and recognize and acknowledge the beauty and wisdom that is also part of the final picture.

It is a travel and/or growth that is gained through time. It is not achieved quickly or overnight. Yet once we are aware of the path and the stamina needed to take us to the final destination the ride will become smoother and more familiar. Finally leading us to that place we are to achieve.

Card from The Druid Craft Tarot/ Carr-Gomm