Thursday, August 27, 2009

Trust Yourself

There is a calmness that comes with the acceptance of yourself. A sense of peace and an ability to better handle the stresses and challenges that may come to you in regards to the difference you may have to others. I say this because, over the last year, this has probably been one of the biggest lessons I have learned.

My views and/or beliefs have always seemed to be somewhat different than those of the people who were around me most. I was careful not to vocalize them to openly as I did not want to alienate myself too much. However I soon learned that this was exactly what I was doing. I have always sought truth. By this I mean that if I questioned something, I investigated it further until I came to a conclusion which I could better understand or accept. This manner led me to discovering and believing views which were not as popular with those around me. In time it also led me to a place where I felt more at home and more at peace.

Accepting myself and my beliefs, trusting them for what they truly are, has completely opened my life to a whole new level. Of course I still have the moments when my actions or words may not meld as well with my surroundings. When those who are not knowledgeable or who choose to close their mind to any other perspective but their own, challenge me and where I choose to stand. This moments are not as stressful as in times past. The trust in what I have sought and what I have found has made it much easier.

Challenges will follow me throughout my life I am sure. And I greatly welcome them, as I do beleive that it is through such challenges that we grow and learn. How boring the world would be if every thing just ran smoothly. No questions to be asked or puzzles to be solved. This is what creates the adventure of life for us.