Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rule of Three

Bide ye the Rule of three ye must,
In Perfect Love & Perfect Trust.
Eight Words the Rule of three fulfill
And it Harm none, Do as ye will
Lest in Self Defense it be,
Ever mind the Rule of Three
Follow ye this Mind & Heart
Merry ye Meet & Merry ye Part

The Rule of Three has several variations. Each one in some way fitting a bit more comfortably with the one who prefers it written in that manner. However this is a rule that can and probably should be used by all, thus the translation above is used. Not necessarily does one have to follow Wicca to hold these words close to heart.

How grand of a world it would be if we all were to abide by the Rule of three. Our actions and words being carefully considered before we exhibit them. Verifying that to our knowledge no harm will come to anyone because of them. Unfortunately life is not so. We do not have the ability to control anyone lest ourselves.

To many this rule and/or law refers to a warning for anyone who may be considering to pass bad energy whether in the form of magic or other on to someone else. It warns that the repercussions would be three fold of whatever one projected towards another. When I first learnt of this rule it fascinated me as I tried to implement it. If one abides by its guidance, and in an honest manner, it is quite difficult to justify any wrong doing towards anyone, no matter how tempted we may become. The simple attempt to abide by it alone can alleviate many situations that may have other wise not been avoided.

Many will notice the reference to the exception of self defense. Not all renditions of this rule include this reference, however I have chosen to include it. Mainly because I think it is important to emphasize that this is not a rule that says one should roll over when injustice is done to them. On the contrary, I believe that when negativity is given to one that considering the situation, one should respond accordingly. This is consideration for the entire situation. A response and not a reaction. Meaning an action taken after reflection and not immediately in haste and strong emotion. I have found that dealing with such times in this manner will not only make the result more fair and just, it may detour it all together. Forgiveness is something that is often found in quiet times of reflection when we look at something not necessarily from solely our own eyes, yet the many perspectives that may be involved.

The message can be found in many variations. Examples of such are that of Hinduism's Karma concept, Christianity's Golden Rule, Wicca's Rule of Three and many more. All emphasize the need to think before we act. To understand that a consequence, whether good or bad, comes with each action we choose. It challenges us to be more diligent as we walk the path laid before us. To become more aware of our surroundings and the energies that may be coming from us. Many choose to not acknowledge the power they may have simply by the words that come from their mouths or the manner in which they conduct themselves.

A simple exercise... a conscious effort to stay aware of the Rule of Three. No, perfection is not a possibility however, it is something that should be our goal.