Monday, August 3, 2009

Five of Cups

I have always had a love for the Tarot. It has called to me since I was young. As time has past it seems that it is continuously teaching me new things. It seemed only natural to include it into this blog site. Therefore, Mondays will become Tarot Day. The Druid Craft Tarot by Carr-Gomm will be the card of choice. Drawing on both Wicca & Druidry these cards lend themselves wonderfully to everyday life. Our first card it the five of Cups

A combination of both Druidry & Wicca can be felt in the interpretation of each card. The Cups representing emotions as in most decks, however taking it a step further and including the aspect of the West and the element of Water. The number five emphasizing the pentagram, a figure associated with both studies. The number five also lends itself to challenges, crisis, and/or transformation resulting from the previous.

The five of Cups, represent loss or something taken from you, represented by the cups overturned on the grass, empty of their contents. Such loss can cause grief, disappointment, and/or anger. It also can mean the full circle that grief tends to lead us on. A series of feelings such as denial to anger to despair to realization. There is often good that comes from a crisis. The 2 cups still sitting upright on the rock symbolize the options that are still available to us if we choose to look at them. Shifting your view from the past, or those things gone or lost, to the future, or those things yet to be gained may be an option to be considered. Possibly something left by the one that may have been lost, if the loss was a person. A legacy or inheritance. Not always to be considered in a monetary sense of the word.

Reversed this card indicates a definite time to move forward. The loss and all the feelings that came with it have passed. Hope is once more alive and shown in the cups still standing and filled, despite those that have been overturned and spilt. It is time to leap forward as the lizard does towards the fish and grab the newness that awaits you. To shed the cloak that covered you in grief and once again move forward to new opportunities.

Blessings & Peace

Card from The Druid Craft Tarot/ Carr-Gomm