Thursday, August 20, 2009

Continuous Fate

Long time… much ago
When things were younger still…
When time went slowly
And love was gained by will…

A boy with eyes of dragons
That shown an emerald green…
Felt love and lust for someone
Whose face he had never seen….

Yet still he could taste her passion
And yearn her skin to feel…
And long for that one moment
His fate with hers he’d seal.

His life it seemed was destined
To meld with her as one
Yet nowhere could he find her
Her presence was but gone

For many years he sought her
Her nearness a constant need
Seeking every corner
The path to her to lead.

At last one day she faced him
Her eyes a brilliant blue
That shown with Mother Moons own glory
And beamed a love so true

His hands they finally touched her
Ran his fingers cross her skin
Kissed her lips so softly
Wishing so much more to win

Their love transcended others
Much further than all else
For time had waited for this moment
To complete and fill the self

Even when at last they parted
Something not that either wished
Love still burned and shown as brightly
As when they received the gift

Through out time they seek each other
Wishing only just to find
That one that touched them deeply
And was one of their own kind

No one else can ever fill
The void left by that they lost
Never will they yield the search
No matter what the pain or cost

They will search until they find
The one that filled them with such joy
The love, the passion, and the pleasure
The final ending to their story.
Written by Raelin
Copyright 2009 - All content rights reserved - Mother Moons Message