Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Queen of Wands

Dynamic - Confident - Strong Willed

Giving and compassionate in nature expressed through a strong and charismatic personality, this is what the Queen of Wands represents. Although her nature lends her to the constant possibility of having things her way she still attempts to demonstrate such ability with charm and grace. Able to motivate others to join together for a common cause and eventually execute its completion. She is a born leader although she does not force herself into this position.

Confidence can be seen in her as well as a strong sense of who and what she is. Her demeanor is one of strength, compassion and inspiration. Although she is capable of a darker side if she herself feels threatened or one she considers her own is likewise. She will fight til the end and is a loyal friend. As a partner she is likewise. A deeply passionate lover, she brings excitement and laughter to her mate. Her strong nature tends to be in the for front even at times when she does not necessarily mean it to be, yet when all is peeled away her intentions for such things are in good jest. She possesses a strong sense of caring for others and those less fortunate or who may not be able to fend for themselves. She gives unconditionally and expects nothing in return. Her soul is nurturing and loving.

Sometimes a good intention can have underlying motives. Perhaps without a recognition of this or possibly due to a denial of what truly drives one. When reversed the Queen of Wands represents the negative attributes that can come with a deeply passionate person. Jealousy, anger caused by misdirected passion or manipulation are a few. In regards to partners, friends or those close a controlling nature may occur coupled with a deep sense of possessiveness. Taking advantage of others around for ones own pleasures or gains is also a quality seen in the reversal.

The symbolism of the Queen of Wands is that of wisdom & loyalty. The position in the chair shows confidence and surety of herself. She can be a loyal trustworthy Alli to one and a fierce competitor to another.

Card from The Druid Craft Tarot/ Carr-Gomm