Friday, August 28, 2009

The Oak Tree

The Oak tree has long been revered. It is said that the Druids would not meet unless an Oak tree was present also. It is symbolic of strength, wisdom, and personal growth. Its seed, the tiny acorn, when planted has the potential to grow into the massive Oak tree over time. This reference likewise shows how we ourselves can go from nothing to something more within time and patience.

The Oak holds with it the powers of protection, health, healing, and luck to name a few. Two oak twigs tied together with red twine in the manner that they form a cross and hung in the home, will ward off evil. Fires made of oak which are burned when one is ill is said to draw the illness out. And carrying an acorn in ones pocket can ward off illness or pains, preserve youth, and even bring luck.

Trees have always been a special friend to me. There is something about the greatness and wisdom they hold. To sit quietly beneath a large shade tree renders some of the most relaxing time I can find. The term tree hugger is often used in a fashion to make fun of one, yet I find this term quite flattering. If you have never truly hugged a tree try it sometime. You may be surprised at the feelings you experience.

I write of the Oak because of my relationship with one in particular. When we first moved to our property down in the southeast corner of the yard was a small sapling. Truly it looked more like a stick. When I first introduced myself, it seemed that possibly I may have to do away with it. It was unshapely and didn’t look to become much of anything. Yet still I tended it. I watered it and made sure that it was not mowed over. As it grew I groomed it as needed making sure it would gain the most strength it could and not waste unnecessary energy on its growth.

As the years passed it grew slowly. Today after 4 years it has grown to where I can no longer reach the top to prune if needed. A feeder of bird seed sits snuggly inside its branches almost hidden to give refuge to those who may need it. At its base is a circle of stones. Within the circle are lavender, rosemary and sage. Wild sunflowers and yarrow also grow beneath its shade. Occasionally I sprinkle corn around its perimeter for the animals that may come its way. On full moons an extra surprise I may place beneath it for the fairy that frequent. It has become a good friend to me.

It is here that I planted my first witch bottle when it was still a young tree. Asking it to watch over it and guard it. Frequently I go and spend time with it just as its presence brings joy to me. Technically I am told it is not on our property, however this makes no difference to me. Still I tend it as needed and cherish the relationship I have received from it. It has taught me much. Recently another young Oak near our pond was found. Likewise I have tended to it. However the first one is still my favorite.