Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Beauty of Death

As I did my morning routine and ran through the many blogs that I follow, I came across one that truly touched my soul.  Not so much because of how it was written yet because of the treasure it gave to me.  You may wonder what treasure this could be.  The moment I began reading and gazing upon the beautiful photos I knew that in my future a trip was in the works.  No I do not know when or even exactly how yet I know that there will be a day in my life when I will venture across to Savannah Georgia and spend some special moments at Bonaventure Cemetary. 

I do not know why cemetaries effect me so.  I can remember the feeling way back in my childhood.  There was a small lonely cemetary out in field that I admired often as a child.  Each time I would pass it I would gaze at it and wonder who was it that lay under the beautiful monuments that stood so straight and majestic.  One evening while passing again I saw it in the distance.  Lit my a small light, an angel stood with her arms opened to the heavens.  At that moment I told my mother that I wished to be buried there whenever I died.  She quickly spoke and informed me I was unable to because it was a Catholic cemetary....something at that time in my life I did not understand....

As time  passes for me, still I find myself drawn to the places where people lay thier loved ones to rest.  I will be honest and say that I am not one who beleives in spending time at a graveside to visit those who have moved on.  I feel that their pressence can be felt around us regardless of where we may be.  Although I truly mean no disrespect to those who do.  My sister passed 5 years ago and on occasion I do go and sit with her.  I however am drawn more to cemetaries for the ones who are there that I do not know yet and may somehow get to know.  The lives passed and the stories to be told.

In looking at the photos of Bonaventure I am in awe at the beauty I see.  Such care taken in the statues placed.  Such detail.  The stories there must be to tell.  I have a feeling that as time passes I will  find myself walking the trails of many more gardens.  Gardens both small and large, both here and there.  Each one lending me something precious, something rare.  A glimpse into the stories told, some remembered and some long forgotten.  A beauty that can only be found in death. 

Thank you Peach Tree Blog for bringing such a lovely blessing today.  For a more detailed story of Bonaventure Cemetary click the link.


Annette said...

I too, love cemetaries and wonder at who is buried there, the stories, and the grief of those left behind.

Thank you for sharing this cemetary with me.

Rayden Darklighter said...

Wow, these are some beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing.

I too have always felt something about cemetaries, when I look at the dates on the tombstones, it's like the person's life is a thread in the great tapestry of history, like a book, with a first page and a last page.

I'm going now to check out Peach Tree Blog, and the Bonaventure Cemetary link.

Thanks again for sharing.

~* The Beldame on Peach Street *~ said...

Awww I'm glad you enjoyed the Bonaventure post. It truly is such a lovely place to visit as is all of Savannah.

I have been drawn to cemeteries even as a child. I've been lucky enough to move around most of the south and see such cemeteries as Bonaventure with the majestic statures and infinite stories to tell but, like you, I find those little cemeteries off in a lonely filed just as intriguing!

Thanks for visiting with me. Come back soon!


herbylady said...

You will love Savannah. It's not just the cemetaries that speak. The entire city has a certain je ne sais quoi that calls to those who listen.

Suzie said...

What beautiful sculptures! We don't have anything that creative in the cemetaries around here. In fact some of the newer ones won't allow headstones at all. They interfere with their mowing. No trees, no shade, no birds or squirrels. I much prefer the old city cemetaries. As strange as it sounds, there is a warmth there, a feeling of history wrapping you in a cozy coccoon. I too love to meander, weaving my way, reading of the people that have lived in my town, long before I was even born, and wish somehow, that I could learn more about them, and of their lives.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful place! I can see why you are drawn to visit!

Laura said...

I too love cemeteries and love this post (and the photos). There is a local one that I frequent often. The stones there and spirits are so lovely.

I definitely want to go to Bonaventure now. I also want to return to New Orleans. The cemeteries are so amazing.

Have a wonderful evening.

Wendy Hawksley said...

I also love cemeteries. They are peaceful, comforting and a lovely place to find solitude.

Whenever I visit back home, we usually stay with the in-laws. When I get tired of being around people, I walk to the cemetery across the street, especially at dusk. I feel very much at peace there.

Rue said...

These are great photos - I love the 'art' of grave stones and sculptures. This would be a gorgeous place to visit!

Judith said...

On a lighter note, there was a cematary in south river, NJ on a huge hill... my cuz's and I used to play there! don't know who's idea it was, but we always went there at dusk and played. My older cuz Mike like to be frankenstine, and chase us all around the tombstones! Maybe that's why I grew up so weird!? LOL

Bridgett said...

Oh my...I can see why you'd want to visit that cemetary. It is absolutely beautiful!

I find such peace in cemetaries. No other place do I feel so peaceful.