Monday, October 19, 2009

A Bit of Change Was Due

I am sure you have noticed a change of scenery on my blog site... A bit more tranquil, yet still fallish.  I needed something calming yet festive.  And this is what I came up with.  I am finally back from my trip to Tennessee to see my grandkids.  It was a wonderful time as always yet the weather was not the best.  Cold and rainy so our outdoor activities were cut a bit short.    I will be posting most of my pictures as well as adventures on my other 2 blogs Rantings Of A Crazed Woman  and The Picture As Janie Sees It.  So if you want to check out all the fun I had head on over to them through out the week.  There is lots to see.

Yesterday I wrote a quick entry before we left to head home about the need to change and become a bit more serious and less I guess what I would call commercial.  I have loved the many giveaways this month and will more than likely still enter many.  Also the over emphasis on Halloween and the month of October has made my head do a bit of spinning.  Thus the change of scenery for my blog site.  I have found many wonderful recipes as well as craft ideas that I will surely keep and do at later times.  Yet I have had a gnawing at me for a bit that there is more to all this then just that.

Fall has always been my favorite of all seasons.  I love how the earth seems to prepare itself for the long sleep she will take throughout winter.  I also enjoy likewise how I tend to turn inward and re-evaluate myself and where I have been and where I would like to be going.  My spiritual journey has always been something dear and close to me, since I can first remember.  (And I have memories way back).... As of late there has been many things pointing to this area of my life and a need to clean up and/or clarify it once again to myself.  It has been somewhat of a fast ride for the last few years, yet a very exciting and wonderful one also. 

I guess what I am trying to say is that I feel the need to fatten up my entries on mother moon some.  I will be the first to say that my journey is a young one yet also a very old one.  I have not walked the path that many of you have yet I have walked a long one myself, just via a different route.  I have always cherished the wisdom I have found along the way from so many  and from so many different walks of life.  I know that I may be wishing for the impossible yet I do wish that we could all just get along.  Accept one another for who and what we all are, and stop trying to say one is right or wrong.. but that is another entry for another day. 

I want to thank all of you who are so gracious with your comments and remarks to me.  I truly do beleive that we can learn something from anyone - even if they disagree with us.  Thus please feel free to be honest with your words... I would want it no other way... So there it is.... Or at least the beginning of it... I only ask one thing.... I have walked my path alone much of my life and where I have gotten used to this, it is not the manner I would choose.  It is friends and family and even enemies sometimes that help us to get where we would like to eventually go..... I hope you will help me as I journey...

Oh yea, the picture at the top.... I took it while I was in Tennessee... The deer were everywhere literally... I loved it when I saw this doe in the cemetary..... There were about 5 others with her.... I think when I retire... that is where I will go to die... Northern Tennessee is one of the most beautiful areas ever created....


girlichef said...

I agree...Northern Tennessee is gorgeous!! I do like the new feel of your place...very relaxing. I actually agree with you. I think you can learn so much by listening and interacting with others...agree or disagree. I think everybody is wise in their own small way and has something to offer...not everybody wants to give, but... I look forward to more "meat" (I do like meat, afterall) ;)

D.Suplicki said...

I definitely agree with you that you can learn something just by listening (or in our case) reading what others have to say, regardless of whether we agree with them. We've all walked different paths and are the keepers of different points of wisdom. I look forward to the meatier entries!

Also, Autumn is my favourite time of year as well, particularly October. It's the time of year that my head feels clearest, the time I do all of my reflection and 'clean up'. It's a relaxing, tranquil time and despite my great dislike of snow, I enjoy watching winter blossom. :)


Rue said...

Your blog scenery is lovely (as is the pic of the deer) but we come, of course, for you words, and those are wonderful too! I'm glad you share so honestly, as I think that's what makes a blog so glorious to read.

Some revel in all things bright and Halloweeny, some in the darker aspects of Samhain, and some in the quiet places of Autumn. I can appreciate them all, but also understand the feeling of being overwhelmed. Take time to enjoy your Fall, and your blog!

Glad you had a wonderful time with the grandkids!

Gone Troppo said...

The new outlook is really very nice Mother Moon. It's relaxing and nice coloured.

Sharing opinions is valuable. Where I come from people often are more direct than in other parts of the world and so trust that what I say is the real opinion.

And to learn from one another is there for the people who open up to it. Which is one of the reasons for the blogs here to make me come back to them. You share wise words with us readers.

And it is great to hear about your trips and thoughts.

Autumn is the time of thoughts, I believe, and I believe even us people above ground in some ways prepare for winter times. In autumn suddenly everything is different, we have the early dark nights and the stormy weather and rainy days and many of us, especially the thinkers, bond with nature and do some thinking ourselves. I sure do.

Laurie said...

So glad you had a nice visit with your grandchildren.
I feel I am on an inward journey as well, uncovering bits of myself that have yet to be discovered. Autumn tends to have that effect on me.
I think I have evolved with my blogging. In the past I was too eager to please (and wanting to be liked) and posted what I thought others would like to read. Now I post about what is important to me ~ most of the time.
You have a lovely soul and it shows through your posts.

Mountain Woman of Red Pine Mountain said...

Northern Tennessee is where I'm from although I moved to Vermont 4 years ago. I'll always have Tennessee in my heart.
Your post is so beautiful and I'm so glad you have decided to share more. With your lyrical writing that draws us into your soul and your gentle voice, you are an inspiration.
The picture of the deer in the graveyard was especially poignant to me. We are surrounded by them on our farm. I've come to cherish them as friends but soon hunting season will be here.

Jeanne said...

I understand what you are saying about the commercialism of Halloween. It seems that this emphasis has overwhelmed everything else that takes place during this glorious time of year. And I am as guilty as the next.

Autumn has always been my favorite time of year. I once quit a job (that required my overwhelming attention in October) because I was unable to enjoy the leaves crunching under my feet, the smells on the brisk Autumn breezes, or to sit and listen to the geese as they flew over on their annual pilgrimage South.

Thank you for reminding me of what this Season has to offer. And I shall strive to make time for what is near and dear to me.

Blessings to you!

Bridgett said...

We were driving down the main road in our town yesterday, which is called Grand Central, btw, and three deer ran across the 3 lane road right in front of us. Crazy, I say.

I think it looks lovely in here...