Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jackie Moon Update

Many of you will recall an entry I wrote some time back about Jackie Moon.  I had been at the local cemetary attempting to get some photographs when I ran across an odd headstone.  It was made of concrete and placed in what appeared to be an old barrel.  The name and dates had been scralled into the concrete and antique colored marbles outlined the edges as if in an attempt to add some decor to the oddly fashioned marker.  Its oddity has grabbed me and the curiousity of you has deepened it even more. 
I had to go back to investigate further... In closer examination I learned that it was not a barrel yet a hollowed out radio speaker that housed the monument for Jackie.  I could still see where the wire which covered the front had been cut away leaving sharp edges around the outside.  The stickers were still fierce there and I had once again forgotten my small garden spade I had planned to take to clear the ground before the face to see if I could find any further information in regards to dates.  Thus I will have to once again return to Jackie to investigate further.

I did however find another mystery or possibly just a further tangle to the web of Jackie's story.  Surrounding Jackies stone are 5 other stones.  All except two made of Concrete with the information written as if with a rough instrument.  All 5 of the markers of that of children, infants or toddlers and all from the same family (Wright).  In seeing this I was even more perplexed than before.
First at the tragedy that one family should suffer the loss of so many children in such short of time.  It appears that the deaths begin December of 1926 and ended March of 1943.  Although this sounds like a large span the tragedy can be seen when you realize that the losses were aproximately every 6 years.  The childrens ages range from 1 day to 9 months.  Thus it is easy to see the grief that must have accomanpanied such loss.
Yet still the question even more to me... why do these tiny markers surround an even larger mystery... That of who is Jackie Moon.  Yes believe me  I am curious and have been trying to research this as best I can.. Yet so far I have not found much to help me out.  Yet I am not one to give up easily especially when it is something that I find so intriguing.

Although I will say this.  I do not think that the finding of Jackie's marker was an accident for me.  I beleive things happen with a purpose, especially meaningful things.  These 6 people have become part of me... I can not just turn my back and think no more of them.  The cemetary they reside in is older and not tended well.  Stickers and weeds grow wild and the markers  can be easily hidden.It is apparent that no one comes to visit them or if they do it is on rare occasion.  

I learned today that in some countrys they believe in 3 deaths. (actual death of the body, burial into the ground, and when you are remembered no more).  These 6 have encounted the first 2 yet not the 3rd.  They still are alive in my memory as well as in the ones of you who have pondered on their story.  And for this I am thankful.


Celia (Head Witch of the Hollow) said...

Mother Moon...
I think it's sometimes the fact that nobody cares about the people who have passed on that hurts us the most.
Thank you so much for showing us these little treasures...I look forward to what else you discover about them all...reminds me of my Nan's family a little...

Rooster Inn Primitives said...

I really enjoy reading about your find at the cemetery..So many babies to die that young. If you find out more please let us know.


Bridgett said...

This is so sad...all these infant deaths. :(

Please keep us updated on what you find. I'm intrigued as well.


Rue said...

What a mystery. And how tragic that the family of these children weren't able to see any of them grow up.

Gone Troppo said...

What a story about the family Wright, how extremely sad.

I wonder about the connection with Jackie Moon. I share your view about things happening with a purpose. Often we can not explain the purpose, like in the loss of these children, yet in other occasions like you finding this may lead to a special experience or outcome.

I may be wrong, but it seems like the handwriting on the stones from Jackie, Athur and Aubrey are quite identical?

Mountain Woman of Red Pine Mountain said...

I too believe everything comes into our lives for a reason and I also believe in the theory of things happening in threes. I hope you will continue to explore and let us know what you find out.