Monday, October 5, 2009

Working Herbs and a Little More

It has been a busy Monday morning.... Although it was a cold and rather damp day I decided it was finally time to work up my herbs... or at least some of them... I realized that I had much more than I thought I did.... I did get some of them put away yet still have all the flower seeds to work and store as well as my wormwood.  Instead of purchasing the expensive darker glass jars, I decided to attempt to glaze some canning jars for my lavendar sugar and rosemary tincture.  By the way thank you Domestic Witch for your recipe. 
I also ventured into town to see if I could find pumpkin in a can.  After the visit with my mother over the weekend she informed me that there was a shortage of it and she was deathly concerned that she would not be able to make her pumpkin pies for holiday.  I assured her that I would find some for her as well as myself as that evening I heard on the news that the pumpkin crop (at least in the northeast) was not too good.  Fortunately I found an ample supply and stocked up for both of us. 
That beautiful pumpkin in the picture... well that is my pride and joy... and the lovely flower was given to me this last weekend by my neice.  All in all it has been a good October day...


Bridgett said...

That pumpkin looks awesome. And I just love sunflowers.

I've been harvesting herbs doing it. So therapeutic. And the smells are out of this world. :)


Rue said...

I just love your jars! Lovely display!

Wendy Hawksley said...

I miss herbs. The jars are gorgeous! Enjoy all that yummy pumpkin.

Bella Foxglove said...

Those jars are amazing. I love the color and sheen.

I love working with my herbs as well.

Unfortunately my crop drowned this year, we had an unusually wet spring and I lost all my stuff and was so discouraged I did not plant any more this year.

I plan to make up for it next year lol.

Great Pumpkin and the flower is gorgeous!!