Friday, October 16, 2009

The Woodmans Garden - Part 6

Grace entered the kitchen, to the aroma of Millie’s abilities as a wonderful cook. “I have already filled your cup dear.” Millie said referring to the small china cup which sat on a delicate matching saucer lined with small purple flowers, if you would call a thistle a flower. “Cream and 2 sugar, right love?” Grace nodded and sat in her assigned seat, as Millie sat a large plate of fresh blueberry scones on the table in front of her. There is fresh butter and lavender honey also if you like. She added.

Thomas stared at Grace while she sipped her morning coffee. She smiled at him yet he continued to stare at her with little expression. His consistency was beginning to make her uneasy when he finally spoke. “Why didn’t you ever visit James? Did you not like him?” Grace was not sure how to respond. She really hadn’t liked him yet she knew she could not say such a thing to Thomas. Fortunately she was saved when Faith entered the kitchen “Come on Thomas, it is time for school.” Thomas jumped out of his chair grabbing the remaining piece of bacon on his plate. “Goodbye Grammy” he said as he ran to Millie’s side and flung his arms around her waist. She returned his gesture and kissed his cheek as only a grandmother can. “Goodbye dear.” As they left the kitchen Millie turned back towards the sink which was piled high with dishes.
Grace had finished her second scone and she knew with food as good as this it would need to be her last. Stacking her cup and saucer on top of her plate, she rose to help clean the table. Millie turned and quickly stopped her. Don’t worry dear I will tend to those. Michael is waiting in the garden for you. Go ahead now. And she took the dishes from Grace’s hands.

Grace felt awkward as she was not certain as to how exactly to get to the garden. Millie could see her frustration. “Oh dear she said, out this door and then turn right. You can’t miss it. Here put this sweater on, there is a bit of a chill this morning. Millie handed a small red sweater to Grace. The collar was detailed with handmade lace. Tiny buttons of silver fell in a row down the front and a small pocket lay at the bottom on the right.

As Grace exited the back door she was glad Millie had given her the sweater. A slight breeze blew yet it was a cool one. A light fog still hung over the tree top as if to shelter the forest beyond from the coming warmth of the sun. Grace pulled the sweater closer and put her hand into the one pocket. She could feel something in the pocket. She pulled her hand out along with the pocket’s contents. As she opened her hand she found in her hand a smooth stone, green in color and another one of the white stones she had found the night before in her room within the velvet bag. Once again the figure inscribed resembled a B. She wondered what such things were. She put the contents back into the pocket as she saw Michael walking towards her from the garden shed across the way.

Well child what is it you wish to know? Grace barely knew where to start. So many questions. Would it be best if we talk in the kitchen while we wait for this fog to left, the old man stated. I am sure Millie will have a cup of tea for us. She smiled and nodded as she turned to return to where she had just come.

Returning to the kitchen she took the sweater she had worn and returned it to Millie. “There is something in the pocket. Grace remarked. Oh dear that is just my rune and malachite. Speaking of runes did you find your bag I left for you last night? “My bag?” Grace said in a questionable manner. “They belonged to you when you were young, Millie continued, A gift from your father. Grace looked puzzled. My father? She had never remembered her father speaking directly to her, let alone giving her a special gift.

I thought you might enjoy their return to your possession. Millie said. They should have never been taken from you; Regardless of all that happened.” Michael looked at Millie as if Millie quickly sat the 2 cups of tea she had prepared, once again in the small china cups with matching saucers lined in thistle and excused herself from the room.


Gone Troppo said...

Thanks for another intriguing episode.

The kitchen scene sounds so cozy.

It's a beautiful written story Mother Moon :) and it looks like it will be a long one, just brilliant !!

Mountain Woman of Red Pine Mountain said...

Beautifully written. I particularly love the way you weave images of the food into your story. Well done.