Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Last Chance to Enter my First Giveaway

It is only 3 more days until I draw the winner of my first giveaway A Little Tonic Before Bedtime.  I am quite excited about it myself.... I found a box to mail it way too early... As I have been tossing additional little things here and there into it... So whoever wins this will have a nice surprise.... Not only will they receive the bottle of Wicked Remedy & the glass to sip it with... I added a Halloween Candle, A bottle of my homemade incense, and a few other things I found... I have already decided what my November giveaway will be... I am even more excited about it... I love giving presents...
So tell your friends, tell your pals, tell anyone you want really, to check it out... The winner will be announced the afternoon of Friday, October 30th.... Good luck


jaz said...

thanks for stopping by! i will post the sausage roll recipe tomorrow. they are so easy and soooo good! my kids have been eating them all day!

Anonymous said...

Oh, the excitement! I'd post up a blog to further advertise it but I think all of my followers are also following you, so... :)

This is a very neat idea. -hopes to do one too one day- <3

Judith said...

Hummm, don't know if I entered this aready, but I am now! :)

All Together Dead said...

I'm with Judith, pretty sure I entered, but if not and just in case I am now... and since Judith just won over at Octoberfarm.... I will gladly take her entry too, giggle

Bridgett said...

I'm so late getting here...who won??

Was it me? Was it me?