Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Faery Morning

The morning sun crept silently through the branches of the big elm tree, illuminating the small droplets of dew that hung to each new leaf.  Slowly each droplet grew larger until the weight was too much to remain attached to its home up high.  It was inevitable that each would eventually take its journey to the ground below.  Small shoots could be seen scatterd throughout the blanket of dried dead leaves that covered the ground underneath the great elm.  Each attempting to stand as tall as possible to soak in all the warmth they could from the welcomed sunshine.  The birds sang  as if in a means to wake all living to the dawn of the new opportunity of daybreak; each communicating their words of greeting through song.  The robins busy, heads tucked down, searching for any unsuspecting worm that may be showing a little too much of themselves through the soft earth.  An ample breakfast could be found for any robin whose search was one of success.  A slight flutter could be heard in the air throughout the small space; a sound so soft that if one did not listen carefully one would never even notice its presence.  As morning continued its arrival, slight dashes of light flashed through the small wooded area.  As if darting in and out of the dew drops as they fell and then landing on the small shoots of newly sprouted flowers that in days would bear their newly bloomed treasure.  At times it almost appeared as if the flashes of light would land for brief moments, settling for just  a few seconds; then just as quickly darting off to dance once again among the sunlit morning garden.

There are many who believe in the little people or fae as I like to call them.  There are many who respect such creatures as fairies, pixies, elves, and more.  I will be honest and say that I do not go about telling everyone I happen to meet that I beleive in fairies.  However if an opportunity arises, I am glad to take it and explain my friends.  It is somewhat difficult to fully understand them if you have not in some manner experienced their magic.  Yet the best manner in which to be so privileged is to believe in their existance.  Something that many struggle with.  I have not always been so lucky to this joy.  Yet in the past years as I have resided in the magical place that Vincent and I call home, I have had the wonderful pleasure many times.  From the flickering of lights throughout the woods behind our Elm after the day has come to an end to the slight fluttering sounds that can be heard at times while I work in  my flowers each summer to just name a few.

I am always sitting out small trinkets and bits of butter and cream for them beneath our Elm where I seem to sense them the most. They in turn have left me "presents" on occasions.  This spring I have plans to create a small fairy garden behind the elm.  I have planted flowers and such around the base of the elm and also along side of the backside of the ponds dam.  It was beautiful last summer and I look for it to be even nicer this summer.  Yet the area I want to fix for them this year is a bit more secluded and behind the Elm.  Some flowers for the shaded area as well as a small stone bench and small fairy houses.  Not necessarily for adults to go and sit yet, maybe a smaller child could fit throught the opening and enjoy.  I would love for my grandchildren to have the opportunity to explore and experience such things when they come and visit.

Whatever ones view or belief in faeries it seems that they still mystify and interest all.  Some tend to believe they are simply a figment of ones imagination.  That there is no possible way they could exist.  A piece of fantasy that has been embellished throughout the years in a manner to intice and excite one.  When fairy is said to most the image of  Tinkerbell comes to mind.  Yet there are those those who believe that faeries were created just like humans.  They are a life form that resides in a parallel but unseen world, though they have the ability to transcend from this place and travel briefly into others dimensions.  They have elemental associations but they are not raw energy.  They are thinking and feeling beings. 

Faery interaction with humans can be traced back to our ancestors and was once a very common occurrence.  It is believed by some that before we turned our backs on the fae in disbelief, that they worked beside us.  Some were helpful others were more difficult.  Yet time passed and humans soon began to push them aside, placing them in roles that were lesser then they rightfully deserved.  As this happened the break between the two worlds grew and the sightings and interactions with the fae become somewhat of a memory except to very few. 

To see faeries today one must be open to such experiences which are not easily visable to everyday eyes. Very young children still can and do see faeries with remarkable ease.  They have not yet been taught to not belive in such occurances and do not question that which they can see is quite real.  It is as they grow and are taught the rules of humans.  The need to not admit such things out loud less you be thought to be silly.. or worse still.. crazy.   There are many who say the secret to seeing faeries is simple... You need only beleive.


faerwillow said...

~i adore this post as i am sure you know by now...beautifully written and love the pictures you chose..."one must be open to such experiences" in a child you wrote...they have not learned what to believe and what not to believe...they only believe in what the see...what they hear...what they smell...i wish more would expand their mind and open up to see such a sight to embrace such beauty...i believe! i can not wait to see what you create...if you are willing to share...brightest blessings~

Toni aka irishlas said...

Lovely post. It's nice to see other folks interactions with the fae. I was told as a child that dragonflies are also the fae in flight. With that being said, the fae follow me everywhere here - while I garden, walking through the meadow, cutting the grass. They make me smile. So do the illustrations you've posted.

Lyon said...

Thank you for this post this morning. I haven't really sat down and thought about fey in quite some time now. I definitely believe that there are many beings among us that slip around between the worlds and that they do exit. Fey magics aren't something that I've ever been strongly drawn to or engaged in, but your tribute is beautiful and sweet and if I close my eyes, I can see what you describe very clearly. =) I tend to work more with what I term "elementals" in general, and in times past I have been known to leave them offerings of emeralds in the corners of my home and shiny pennies when I want their help in returning something to me that I have lost - or perhaps they have ran off with. lol

mxtodis123 said...

Love these pictures...and the post. I believe in fairies. In fact, they were often my companions in my magical garden. Even now, in the spring and summer, when I am walking in the darkness, I can catch a glimmer of them out of the corner of my eye.

Rue said...

I had a corner in my old garden where I was sure the Fey popped in and out of. It felt different there and I often left treats and drink on a plaque on the earth in that spot.

I hope they visit at my new garden!

greekwitch said...

I loved this post! I want to create a feary garden but i live in an apartment. Do you think i can have one in a big pot or two? What flowers, herbs and plants you would use?
Brightest blessings!

Mother's Moon's Message said...

greekwitch, I see no reason why you can not create a faery garden in a large pot or two.... Any bright colored flowers as well as herbs such as lavender and camomille... it is the effort they will appreciate.

Heather said...

So very interesting! I love to think that there is more in this world than meets the eye.

JoyceAnn said...

You write so beautifully , the fae should be proud to call you their friend. I believe in the Little People too. I've found a spot under a beautiful oak were I hope to create a wonderful little village for them.
Look forward to hearing more about your faerieland,

~ Many Blessings ~

Bridgett said...

I believe in fairies...and I have a friend who believes she doesn't have a patron God/Goddess, but is instead is aligned with the fairies.

I love the idea of your secret little garden. Sounds magickal.