Friday, February 12, 2010

Prelude to Spring

I heard a short piece last night on television that said if all went as it appeared it would that after tomorrow all 50 states would have snow on the ground.  Something that I guess is somewhat of an oddity.  This has definitely been a different year for many of us in regards to the weather of the winter season.  A number of areas have received record snowfall amounts , some of which have broken records that are over 100 years old.  I have not checked yet to see if the storm that passed over us yesterday and dumped 10 inches on Dallas Texas (which may I say is totally unheard of) continued with its mission as it crossed over the southern states.  The northern side of Floridia was even supposed to have snow. 

There are many who are eagerly awaiting Spring's arrival as they gaze out their front window only to see a mountain of snow in front of it.  Once again our place is covered with a blanket of snow and although we were forecasted a warm up of 40 and 50s through the weekend.  However starting this morning,  the skies are still gloomy and it is still cold outdoors.  I have decided to stop whining about the absence of the warmth of the coming Spring.  Definitely I have found that such behavior does not do any good in bringing it any quicker.  Mother Earth knows her plans and she is executing them as she sees best.  I have to trust this. 

I have decided to look for the good and the beauty in the current coldness.  No I am not able to go out and do the work in my yard as I would normally be doing, preparing it for the coming flowers, and planting new ones.  I have not been able to enjoy any afternoons on the back porch soaking up the early sunshine and just enjoying the sights and sounds of nature.  Yet, I have seen a tremendous abundance of birds this winter.  The weather has lured them into my feeders and they have become quite tame frolicking on my back porch throughout the day.  Each time I go and make my rounds filling the many feeders I have throughout the yard, they call to me and at times ask why it has taken so long.  The quail have even been lured out to beneath my little oak where I leave them cracked corn  and seed. 

Yesterday as I was in town purchasing feed for my many feathered friends, I noticed that the store has gotten their ducklings, chicks and baby rabbits in.  I am such a sucker for little animals.  If I had my way I would have all of them.... Spring is coming.  Her pace is steady and strong.  No she is not coming with a grand entrance or a gradual warming processional  yet still she comes.  One day we will wake up and realize she has already arrived.  The warmth of the sun will hit our face, the smell of the newly bloomed flowers will flow past our nose and our eyes will see she is everywhere. 


mxtodis123 said...

I do love that picture of the bird feeder. Funny, you should say that about seeing more birds at your feeders. This morning as I was walking to the subway, the seagulls were soaring above me, and I thought they must be hungry. It was so eerie seeing the seagulls flying about with snow and ice on the ground.

Marie S said...

The picture of the birds around the feeder is amazing.
Happy Valentine's day.
Love and hugs.

Toni aka irishlas said...

You are right - it's time to start looking at the positives at what has been bestowed upon us.
We have been honored with a pair of Northern Flickers which we would only see during migration.
I'm sure they are stopping to build energy and then be on their way, but, I look at this as a small gift.
The positive is out there. It's just re-arranging the gray matter to observe it!

Anonymous said...

The bird feeder/icy tree picture is beautiful. I sit looking out my window at the 2 1/2 feet of snow that has accumulated from 3 storms in a row and, just as you, am confident that come Beltane, it will be gone as she wills.

Lyon said...

Yeah, I'm with everyone in that I am about sick to death of snow - and now we're supposed to get another four to six over the weekend! GAH! lol

But yes, there's not much we can do about it though. It is what it is and we have to make the best of it.

Anonymous said...

The sun has finally broken through here in Las Vegas. But it has been unusually wet and cloudy this year here. We do have snow on the mountains still from all of the moisture, and I am planning on going to the mountains this weekend to visit the snow. I am glad to have the sun back, hope it stays.


The Lucy and Dick Show said...

Yes, spring is so close we can almost smell it! Your birds around the feeder picture is a winner!

Bogaman said...

Just received my packet of seeds from Butler Creek. Still waiting on my other order from Burpees. This winter isn't helping my frame of mind any. Guess I need a patience injection. Like your photos. X.

Anonymous said...

I always think it's interesting to see when the last time it snowed x amount or was x degrees hot. I sort of think the pioneers had it pretty bad! Hope Spring arrives to you soon. I love the bird photo.

Anonymous said...

The weather is most definitely off track. It is still the middle of winter, and out here on the west coast at least, things are already blooming as if spring has begun! Climate change is messing with everything, we can barely enjoy one season, before the next one starts earlier every year.

Dede said...

I have a positive attitude about winter, I am positive that I would very much so like for it to be gone. Spring can not get here soon enough. I miss the sun and the warmth, the bright sun shine. The picture of the flowers are gorgeous! Suzie's potion for the dogs worked! Enjoy your weekend. Try to stay warm.


Rue said...

Ducklings, baby chicks and rabbits! I would be buying the lot of them, with nowhere to put them! I love chicks and babies of all kinds.

I do hope you are rid of the snow soon. It seems that we are the place that needs the snow (having rain for the Olympics) and you are getting the snow and don't need it!

Bridgett said...

That bird feeder picture is stunning!

And baby animals? They make my heart sing. It doesn't seem to matter what kind of baby animal it is...I love them all.

We're in the home stretch now. :)