Friday, February 5, 2010

The Quickening - Part Two

The stirring that is felt in a mother's womb when she first feels the infant move is referred to as the quickening.  That soft flutter as if butterflies are inside your stomach.  Sometimes you wonder if you even truly felt anything yet soon you trust its validity. I remember the first time I felt my first child.  I was sitting in a college library, researching a paper .  There were people all around me.  Life was continuing as it always does, and then I felt it.  It was the slightest movement and even at that time I remember wondering how I could have noticed.  Yet it seemed immediately that all else stopped and I was only concerned with that ever so slight touch of life.    A magical moment that only a mother can relate to.  The magick of life inside of you.  A true blessing. 

Often at this time of year, we hear again this word, quickening.  I will be honest and say that before now when I heard the word the first thing that came to my mind was Andrian Paul from Highlander.  And what can I say, it is not that bad of an image to come to ones mind.  In this instance, the quickening refered to the transferance of energy that occurred when one immortal beheaded another immortal.  Yes I admit I was an avid watcher.  Yet enough of these lusty thoughts and back to what I meant to write about in the first place. 

 Now the word has taken on a much deeper meaning to me.  It brings to mind the birth of my 3 children and the time I carried them until their birth.  It brings to mind the planting of a seed into the soft furtile soil and watching it slowly poke its head out into the sunlight to grow upward.  It brings to mind the idea of the beginning of life.  This is a time when out of the darkness of winter,  life and light slowly emerges.  From the quietness of winters hibernation life comes forth.  A cycle that continues year after year. 

Yet then why does it seem so different this year.  Possibly it is because I have choosen to focus on my naturalist side more.  In doing this I can not help but notice the changes more.  Possibly it is because I have started this blog and on an almost daily basis I write in regards to that which seems to move me or touch me.  This definately keeps such things in  the forefront of my memory.  Possibly it is because there is just a keener sense of it now.  Many people have commented on my posts as well as written posts of their own describing the restlessness they are feeling deep inside of themselves.  They too have felt the quickening.  They too have felt the sense of urgency yet unsure exactly as to what the feeling relates specifically to.  Possibly something on a grander scale?  I guess it could be.  I have always felt that there are some that feel the vibrations of the earth more than others.  There are always subtle clues, yet because they are subtle sometimes they go unnoticed. 

So many times we allow the rat race we call life to consume us in a manner that blocks out the small voices that call us on a daily basis.  I understand that life does go on and there are needs that need to be met.  It is not as if we can just wander about with no responsibility.  Yet still there are times when we do allow ourselves to be covered with the "muck of life".  This in turn blocks our senses from so much that the "earth" has to offer us.  I am thankful for my quiet moments when I can be silent and allow nothing to come in yet hear everything.  I have learned the importance of making time for them and also the wealth they can bring.  It was a learning process I will admit, yet a lesson that was well learned. 

I guess there was a reason I woke at 4:30 today.  Finally instead of staying in bed as I do all other times, I choose to get up.  No matter what I did to try and return to the pleasure of sleep beneath my warm covers, it did not work. There was a reason.  There always is a reason... I will be honest and say that much of what is occurring for me these days is all new.  However I do not think I would really want it any other way.  It is always fun when on ones journey the scenery changes and there are new sites to see instead of the old usual ones.

As each of you continue on, as each of you experience your own quickening, I wish you good journey.  Take time to be silent and listen.  Take time to stop and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you.  Take time to be good to yourself.  Too often we do not remember ourselves until everyone else has been tended.  This is a daily process.  And in truth we all know that very seldom do we ever tend "everyone/everything in one day.  When the next day comes, we start at the top of the list again in our attempt to complete it.  All too often forgetting the person at the bottom - ourselves. 

Have a wonderful weekend.  For those of you to get snow (and a bunch it sounds like) stay warm and be safe... And one last thing.... Go Colts.....


faerwillow said...

~you brought tears to my eyes in your first paragraph...a moment that remains and a memeory of a lifetime...something you will never forget...and as soon as i am crying you made me laugh...what a silly one are you!

"I am thankful for my quiet moments when I can be silent and allow nothing to come in yet hear everything"

speechless those words leave me...beautiful post! brightest blessings~

Tracy said...

Three days ago, June broke her alarm clock. SO, I have had to get up early each day to wake her up. That has been a blessing in disguise as it has given me an extra hour all to myself each day to just relax and listen and think and be. Those quiet times are so important and something that I have been without for quite some time.

Wonderful, beautiful post!

OleCrowsNestJournal_Nan said...

The quickening is for me what I call the pregnant pause. How exciting to know a great idea is soon to be coming out ( that is how it works for me alot). I am very happy you are "expecting" and look forward to seeing the newness appear as it comes! Have a great day!

mxtodis123 said...

What a beautiful, thoughtful post. I cherish my alone time. There was once a time I couldn't be with myself; I didn't love myself enough. But now, now it is so different and I look forward to peace and solitude. I always get up early on my work days...just to watch the sunrise from my back porch. I cherish those moments...just me and my squirrels.

Judy said...

Such good thoughts and reminders to listen to nature...So many times I forget and keep moving too fast...I have to force myself to remember and stop to feel the moon over my head or the earth under my feet...Thank you

PS: I'm also an avid watcher of Highlander

Lyon said...

lol Go Colts indeed! (Me being a native Hoosier and all!)

You're right, I think there is an undercurrent of building urgency towards something gossamer and unknown this time of year and anyone who stops to listen for a few moments quite probably will be able to feel it.

I hope to ride it with joy right now and allow it to carry me toward whatever it is that waits with the growing of the sunlight. And may it be so for you as well, lovely.

Linda in New Mexico said...

You are a joy. A keen observer of what is and what can be. I am so glad you've got my back. Everyone needs a thinker on their side. Whew, I'm a lucky lady. Lusting aside...Highlander huh??, yeah me too.
The picture of your children is so precious, beautiful and very generous of you to share with us.
Great posting as always. I hope you too have a peace filled weekend dear lady.
vert word is osibly. Couldn't oscibly skip this vert word.

Illustrated Ink said...

I am not a mother, so it is hard for me to relate to the sensations you're describing. I found your post lovely though, and it really helped me understand the connection between mother and baby. You have a wonderful way with words!

I also watched Highlander (lol, mainly for lustful reasons too)!

Anonymous said...

That was a wonderful post, and thank you for the comment you left for me, its nice to have encouragement...your writing is very beautiful, and always makes me stop and think about life.

JoyceAnn said...

Beautiful thoughts as always , enjoyed reading your post. I believe your quickening will bring to light what you're missing or need to be doing in your life soon.

~ Many Blessings ~

Mother's Moon's Message said...

as always such thoughtful comments.. I am blessed by all of you

Leigh said...

Oh! That must be a typo. Don't you mean "Go Saints?"

Kidding aside, you are a beautifully poetic writer. Even though my journey has taken me on a radically different path, I know of what you speak.

Bridgett said...

Beautifully written, Janie.

As a mother, I find I'm always putting myself last. And truly, I don't mind in the least. But you're right. I DO need to make time for myself. Time to feel like the young woman I am.

Sometimes I act more like I'm 60. ::sigh::

I think, since Parker's autism diagnosis, all my priorities have shifted. It's aged me, I'll admit.

But I really am trying to do better. Thanks for the reminder.