Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Your Garden

It is said, or so I have heard, that when the robin starts to appear you can bet that spring is close at hand.  Although the wind is still cold and we received a light dusting of snow over night I have to agree.  At first it was only one or two who would visit the yard on occasions.  They would frantically pick at the ground in an attempt to find a cold blooded worm that had found its way to the surface.  Yet as of late, as the earth has warmed and started to awaken, they are with us more often and their fight for food is more successful. 

As I did my weekly routine this morning of filling the bird feeders throughout the yard,  I also noticed another wonderful sign of the return of spring.  Nestled beneath my little oak, a small bunch of crocus sat.  I had planted these bulbs the year before yet the rabbits had gotten to them before they had a chance to bloom.  The clover is sprouting slowly in the yard and a hue of green can be seen when I glance out my kitchen window.  I refuse to spray the yard for weeds as I love when the clover and hensbit start to come.  I know its a weed yet since I was a child I have loved the blanket of purple that covers the ground when it is in full bloom.  It draws the young rabbits out.  Many a time I have seen them gathered enjoing an evening meal. 

With all the change that is occurring, it is difficult not to feel the pull ourselves.  The stirring inside that change is coming.  The urge to open the windows and let the fresh breeze in pushing out the negative energies that have accumulated.  Yes it is a time for spring cleaning. Even here on Mother Moon, I felt the need to change and lighten up the place and unclutter it some.  Likewise in our homes and in ourselves we feel the need to cleanse and make new. 

Much like the Ash, we feel the need for change.  Sometimes we are unsure of what the specific change may be yet still the pull is within us.  What is it that you feel you need to change or renew in your life.  What signs of rebirth are you experiencing? It is a time of awakenings.  It is a time when the seeds that were planted before begin their journey towards life and the gift  they have to bring. 

How well will you tend your garden?   Nuture the seeds within.  Tend to the stirrings that you feel inside.  Water them with silence and consideration.  Warm them with action and movement.  Give them what it is they need for strength and growth and in turn you will give the gift of yourself.  Each one of us is some form of garden.  Some plant with a specific ability and manner that is unique all unto ourselves.  Yet so many times we do not give that gift all it needs or wants to mature and become the beautiful thing that it is meant to be.  Today take a moment and check your garden.  Is it full of weeds?  Strangled by things that don't necessarily belong there.  Is it dry and underfed?  Lacking the nutrients that it needs to thrive and produce?  What is it that will help your garden to become the garden that you desire. 


Debra She Who Seeks said...

That robin looks preggers to me!

mxtodis123 said...

I do love your new look. So very springy. This is such a great time of the year, isn't it? Don't catch me in July or August, though. Talk about complaints. Can't stand it too hot nor too cold, but fall and spring are just right.

Thanks for that wonderful card. O love it. I've been meaning to send out some old fashioned mail, but believe it or not, I just can't find any fancy writing paper. It's like they just don't make it anymore.

Rue said...

What a great way to begin the morning - with your beautiful words, and signs of Spring!

I don't spray my yard either - I like the clover, hensbit (is that what those tiny purple flowers are called?) and violets that pop up all over.

Thank you for my morning smile.

Rue said...

Oh - and I LOVE your new look - the header is just gorgeous!

Witch By Nature and Bitch By Choice said...

Ironic you just posted this. I was telling someone that I feel it is time to start cutting some of my connections with people who are takers and care about no one but themselves, weeds so to speak, suffocating me and holding me back. I have some serious questions to answer and a few need immediate action. Spring is on its way, and the season for change has begun.

Linda in New Mexico said...

Janie, you have to be one of the sweetest people I know. Thanks so much for my snail mail. I love the paper, the sentiment and mostly the fact that you took time out to send it to me. How lovely. I too love your new header....yeah spring is peeking at us and flirting with us. ((((hugs)))))

Iris said...

YES!!! The new look fits your blog SO well! I am so glad to see it looking bright and cheerful. I find that every time I read your blog lately (or since Fall), it is filled with thoughts and yearnings for Spring. I am so glad to see that Spring seems to be reaching out to you as well. It must feel so special, especially as it is not even March yet!

Lyon said...

I have to say that your place is looking great! I love what you've done. ;-)

We are still waiting on those first signs of spring here as all that snow we've had recently is still on the ground, but it is beginning to melt some slowly. It was cold today, but yesterday was in the forties and we thought it was a heat wave! lol Alas, more flurries were seen tonight while leaving work.

It was very nice to hear about your crocus and robins though, definitely a bit of warmth and cheer when I needed it on a cold february evening.

Laura said...

I was taught that a weed is only a plant that is growing where you don't want it to grow. :)

I am not quite ready for spring, myself, as I'm not ready for all the changes. But I know it will be here eventually.
I love the new look of your blog.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully put...I am ready for new beginnings, and to leave the cold gray bleakness of winter behind. I did some massive de-cluttering and organizing the last couple of days and it has felt great!

Catpriestess said...

Mother Moon, your wisdom and grace are such gifts to all. I wish I could saunter through your garden with you and find the fae among the flowers. Thank you for sharing yourself so beautifully.

Bella Foxglove said...

I really love the new look! Very soothing and spring like!

I really enjoyed this post, I have been down inside myself again, tending my mental garden.

The stirrings for change are strong, and the robins have been gracing us with their presence for about 3 weeks now. I have had my windows open since Saturday, and sighed a little when I closed them tonight, as another cold snap is moving in tonight for the next several days, but now the weather is doing the typical back and forth between cold and warm, so I know spring is closer than ever.

Spring cleaning time indeed. Garden time...yes, Jack and I were talking just last night about how it is time soon to start getting things ready outside.

Even my beloved Jack has succumbed to the Winter blues this year, he is having a time of depression this week, which is a tad unsettling as he is pretty emotionally steady from day to day.

The wheel still turns, and the sun still shines, even if it is behind the clouds...

The Wizardess epi said...

Mother Moon! You have lots of followers...for good reason. I am doing a give-away on my blog. Could you give me a little plug for it so I get lots of people in the mix? I would so appreciate!!


Bridgett said...

I love the way it looks in here! Beautiful.

No true signs of spring here yet...although I am hearing a lot more bird chirps. :)