Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Mumblings

Over the weekend we enjoyed a nice reminder that winter is slowly making his way home and spring is likewise coming back. A gentle rain accompanied by a little lightning and thunder was present Saturday evening through the early morning of Sunday. It was nice to sleep snuggled under warm blankets while the sound of the rain and thunder could be heard and an occasional brightness would flash lighting up the house. Thunderstorms always make me feel like spring is close at hand.
The additional moisture added to what we already have present was enough to bring our pond to the brim and once again soggy the yard to a point where any yard work was and will be impossible for a few days. Thus it appears to be a week of indoor workings at least for the beginning of the week. The urge to clean and air out the house is gaining strength each day. Already I have started and still I have so much to do. Yet truly it is as they say.... housework is never done... there is always "something else" that could be done.

The closeness of spring is also bringing a noticeable difference to the length of the day. Something I always love, especially when it becomes so noticeable. In 3 short weeks we will turn our clocks forward which seems to make it even more evident allowing the sun to stay with us further into the evening hours. Never has it seemed that change was desired so much as this year, although I am sure it has been. Yet do we ever think of such times when we feel we are experiencing them at the present.
I have heard so many speak of the stirrings they feel inside themselves. Whether it is in a creative sense or a personal sense there is definitely movement in the air. From the reflective looks some are taking at themselves and the ultimate decisions on the changes they may choose to make to the inspirations and musings some are experiencing, the sensations seem to be everywhere. I have always enjoyed sitting back and observing such things and the evolution that takes place. It is much like watching life in process.
Spring and all it brings has always been a time when newness seems to abound in all things. Not just the obvious things such as the color and life of nature returning yet also in the human itself. Whether we notice it or not, we ourselves lie somewhat dormant through the winter months drawing into ourselves and waiting for the life to return. We are all just part of the grander picture, the ever turning wheel of life.


Anonymous said...

My most favorite part of spring is the thunderstorms. They are a killer on my head because I get headaches when it storms. But I still love them.

Oh yea, I got your card the other day. Thank you it was a great pick me up to a very gloomy day.

Mother's Moon's Message said...

yes, the fronts coming in always give me a nice pressure headache.... glad to hear the card caught you at a time as it did... :-)

Not Hannah said...

We had a little rumbler this morning, as well. More telling, the bluets are starting to bloom around here. Their constancy always makes me smile this time of year.

mxtodis123 said...

I love when the days begin to get longer. It's a sure sign that spring is on its way.

Witch By Nature and Bitch By Choice said...

Ive been itching lately too. After Spring Cleaning (and cleansing) my house all day yesterday including deep cleaning the carpets, I realized just how excited I am about the Spring. I had all the windows and doors open and could smell the ocean air. It got a bit chilly when I sat down for a break, but it was wonderful. I can't wait for the fourth of July now. I turn my sofa facing out at the Puget Sound and watch all the fireworks displays from the comfort of my frontroom. Of course its hot in July and I dont have AC but the water is natures way of giving me AC :D

I think we are going to have a very hot and dry summer after the extremely warm winter (60 degrees during the day). The mornings however, remind me winter is still here. Shorts by day and ice by night!

Hmmmm martini anyone?

Iris said...

I am surprised to feel Spring is so near. I have been trying to ignore Winter's arrival and length so I won't feel trapped by it. But after such a simple winter (Still has another month here in New England) I am left thankful. When I lived in FL I relished in the Summer daily thunderstorms. I never got a headache from one, but I loved to see nature's fury reigning down just inches away. Such strength, such nurturing rains.

Ryan Sutton said...

I thought we were heading towards spring, but winter seems to be deciding to make an appearance finally with a sudden freak snow storm. DOH!

Yes, a lot of movement in the air, I can't wait to feel that first day that truly feels like spring, it's beyond manic.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that spring is on its way, we have already had some days of spring-like weather, and the cleaning bug has bit me...I am so ready for the rain to be over and new growth to begin!

I like that you redid your page, it looks great!

Bridgett said...

It had actually started warming up a little here (well, mid 40's...but that seemed like a heat wave to us), but now it's freezing again, with wind chills in the single digits. And we were just hit with another snow storm last night.

Winter just doesn't want to let us out of her grasp, I guess.