Friday, August 20, 2010

Autumn in the Air

Another week has passed and most of us look eagerly towards the weekend.  Free time to do what we enjoy most, at least for most of us that is.  I am amazed that it is already mid to late August and September is not far in coming.  The feeling of autumn is definitely in the air.  It is not only me who feels this way as it seems that everyone is somehow hinting of their intuition or craving for the season.

We have not yet be lucky enough to get any of the cooler weather or any much needed moisture, yet I am keeping my fingers crossed as well as ears open for any good weather spells that may help such a thing to happen any faster.  The days are slowly shortening.  It is not something that is drastically obvious yet it is noticeable.  I read a post over at Moontides this morning and Mary spoke of how the evenings were more quiet as people were not out as late as before.  A sure sign of fall and the shorter days.  A bit of a peace in the evening. 

Although I love the busy work of summer and all it brings, I enjoy also the slowness of fall.  The unwinding of the day and what seems a bit more of an evening to relax.  I know that as the time draws closer and the weather cools more that there will surely be some remorse for the absence of the thrills  that summer brings.  Yet still fall has always been my favorite time of year so I myself am looking forward to the crisp mornings, and the turning of the colors.  I look forward to cradling my hot cup of coffee in my hands as I enjoy the mornings and evenings on my back porch.  I look forward to the many beautiful flowers that show themselves during this time of year and also for the second blooms that will come to some of my spring flowers that slowed and at times stopped due to the over abundance of heat this summer. 

The activity of the wildlife as well as the birds is also something that I love at this time.  All seem to be  preparing for the colder times ahead and are storing what they may need for such a time.  The hummingbirds are definitely more active preparing for their long journey south.  The squirrels are always more plentiful at this time and I seem to have to fill my feeders twice as much.  I have already put up a couple extra feeders as well as started to purchase my seed so that I will be ready. 

I noticed this morning as I was watering some of the areas of my yard where flowers and wildlife like to escape from the heat, that my mum which I planted last fall is covered with blooms.  I am excited as can be as I have never had a transplanted mum bloom.  I am so looking forward to when it finally opens.  Wishing all of you a wonderful weekend.  Hopefully your weather is just right and enjoy nothing but good times.  blessings


mxtodis123 said...

It's wonderful, isn't it? I am already starting to come alive.

girlichef said...

I'm bustling inside in anticipation of Autumn...ah, the season of wonders and comfort for me =)

Judith said...

we've gotten some cooler days and nights, but so far no rain!

intothedawn said...

I have been noticing the shorter days for at least 2-3 weeks now. Makes me a bit melancholy. Although I absolutely love autumn, I'm not ready for shorter days. I adore long evenings, my favorite time of day.

Eliza said...

Yes autumn is nearly here, I love it my favourite time of year.

JoyceAnn said...

I can feel Autumn in the air and I'm really looking forward to it. This summer has been to hot and dry , ready for the cool/crispness of Autumn.
I'm heading over to sign-up for your give-away , just read the post about it. I want to see the movie soon.
Enjoy your weekend !

~ Be Blessed ~