Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wednesday Mumblings.....

I rose early this morning, to Winston urging me to come and let him out. It can be a bit of a pain sometimes having a morning dog. Sometimes I think he enjoys the early mornings as much as I do. Yet after dealing with a sinus headache last night and taking ample sinus medication to alleviate it, I was not too keen to rise at my normal time. None the less, I answered his call and we ventured outdoors before the sun rose and enjoyed the sunrise together.

Although I thought that I was too tired and wished to stay in bed a bit longer, upon my return into the house, I commenced to make coffee, bake a batch of peach tarts and also some vanilla meringues. I started the wash and enjoyed a nice cup of coffee in the silence of my house. I guess Winston knew what he was doing when he woke me before the crack of dawn.

Our days have been terribly hot here in Oklahoma and it has been difficult to do any form of constructive work outdoors. My gardens are begging for the coolness of fall to come. I am hoping the sliver of hope that our weatherman is giving us for some form of relief to this heat wave will come to pass. There have been small showers here and there yet they seem to all dance around us never coming near enough to give us any of their relief. We will see what comes to pass as the week progresses and the weekend draws near.

I think I am feeling the callings of the coming fall and winter. A bit early I know yet I find myself longing for quiet cooler days and the reflective time that this time of the year seems to bring to us. It has been an extremely eventful summer and it seems that everyone has been going at full force. Soon the autumn will come and as we gather and prepare to draw ourselves indoors for the colder time of the year I welcome the slowness it will bring


Anonymous said...

Since I don't live all that far from you, I understand what you are saying about the heat and yearning for fall to get here.

Have a blessed day!


Sarah said...

Thank you for the hugs hon...I so appreciate them..has been a rough year. Hugs and blessing back to you hon.
Ya know we have had a cool summer here..I have not really had my fill of warm..but I feel that call too..that push for not so busy and the coolness of the seasons change! Hopefully there will be a break in the hot and dry there and you will get some relief... and your garden too!

Hugs and blessings, Sarah

AkasaWolfSong said...

While I don't have a Winston to wake me, I too arose very early and went outside to water my Plants and Vege's and offer up prayers. I love the quiet of early morning before the cacophony of the day begins.

Hopefully it will be cooling off some this coming week as they are can feel a touch of Autumn in the air and the growing season is winding down somewhat. I look forward to cooler temps and evenings spent out of the house.

Your tarts and merangue sound delish Janie...I may make a homemade chocolate cake today.

Wishing for you cooler temps and rain enough to bring refreshment to your lands...

Blessings Dear Heart!

Hope you are feeling Better!

mxtodis123 said...

I don't think anyone has had much relief this summer. It's dreadful. Here in the city it has felt like you are in an oven. Imagine all that concrete and asphalt surrounding you...with the tall buildings blocking any semblance of a breeze. Just an awful summer.

Merry ME said...

It's been pretty hot in Florida, too. But I guess that is considered normal. I'm beginning to think the whole Global Warming thing is NOT part of the right (left?) wing conspiracy. Perhaps Mother Nature just needed to get our attention.

Fall is my favorite season. The colors, smells, coolness in the air, pumpkins, mums .... I got to agree it will be nice when it gets here.

Judith said...

we are getting the same weather here at the jersey shore, no rain, day's of unending heat!!! I don't know what's going one, but for once in my life... I'm looking foward to winter!

Wendy said...

So sorry to hear about your sinus problems. I've had a lot of those last Summer until I started taking "Goldenseal/Echincea" religiously and bought a humidifier which has helped a lot. Having a puppy is wonderful as you've posted, but a lot of work, just like a human baby, almost ;) I hope you get some rest, feel better and yes, I want rain, cooler weather NOW. Here in So. Cal. it's not too bad, but the fire season is just around the corner which always makes me nervous. Blessings to you.

audrey said...

Mother Moon,
You have already put in a full day's work and I am dragging. It is noon already and I have accomplished nothing. I better get moving.
I am not even going to mention the heat ~ maybe if we don't talk about it, it will go away. (:
Your peach tarts sound SO good. I'm not sure if you saw the post I put up yesterday about my wonderful win. In it, I mentioned how fabulous your three berry jam is. YUM!! It did not last long, Janie.
Enjoy the rest of your day and try to stay cool somehow.
♥ audrey

Wendy said...

Beautiful post. My inner me could happily live in perpetual autumn. I feel what your heart feels for those cooler days and the silence it brings.

Teresa said...

I'm so torn. I'm ready for our difficult summer to be over, but I'm so not ready to return to work. I hope you get a break from the heat.

Dede said...

Oh I love my mornings too! This has been the first summer that I have ever wished away. Summer has always been full of outdoor activities for our family, but not this one. The last three days we have had a breeze and not so humid, it has been really nice. I noticed yesterday that the pine cones are starting to fall off of the trees. That usually doesn't happen until October, I gather them for my Yule logs. Thank you so much for the package of goodies! The boys loved it! George says that lady knows how to make jam, chunks not all smashed up. Wishing you cooler days!