Monday, August 9, 2010

Celtic Tree Lore - Legends of the Hazel

azel is known for its attributes of wisdom as well as the inspiration of creativity it gives. Such creativity can be seen in the tree itself because of its unusual branches that grow in curious shapes, such s the corkscrew hazel.

Its association with the heart chakra comes from the legend that the hazel stood at the heart of the faery realm. When a hazel is found growing with an apple and hawthorn tree it is said that these three mark the boundary of a magical place.

In mythology the Hazel is attributed to the god Mercury. Mercury was the messenger of the gods and also the god of commerce, cleverness, travel and thievery. He is often depicted with a staff or wand of Hazel and wearing a broad rimmed traveling hat and sandals. A Hermes (the greek version of Mercury) when he was only a few hours old he escaped from his cradle and went in search of adventure. Later feeling hugrey, he stole two oxen from Apollo and hid them in a cave where he killed them and ate them. When Apollo discovered what had happened, Hermes played to him on a lyre which he had made by stretching cords across a tortoise shell.

Apollo was so charmed by his music that he allowed him to go unpunished. In gratitude Hermes gave the lyre to Apollo. Apollo in return gave Hermes a magical Caduceus made of Hazel. It was said to bestow wisdom, wealth, and prosperity on its owner by turning everything it touched into gold.


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