Monday, August 30, 2010

Celtic Tree Lore - The Month of the Vine

hursday, September 2nd marks the beginning of the Celtic tree month of Vine which runs through September 29th. The Vine welcomes the completion of the harvest and the coming of the end of the Celtic year.

It is said that Tuatha De Danann were the ones who first brought vine with them to Ireland. Although it is not necessarily considered a tree any plant with woody stems were considered a tree by the Celts. Although most associated the vine with that of grapes, it can also refer to brambles/blackberry vines. Wine was and still is produced from blackberries as well as the grape.

At one time, picking and or eating blackberries on or after October 10 was not allowed. This was due to a belief that they were poisonous because the devil had spit upon them. This belief came about prior to the calendar change in 1752. At this time October 10th was known as St. Michael’s Day. It was St. Michael who was said to have thrown the devil out of heaven and into a blackberry thicket.

The name of the vine comes from the latin word “viere” meaning to twist. This name describes how the vine grows. The vine grows in a spiral, which of course is the symbol of the Mother Goddess. The Vine is also one of the sacred woods for a sabbat fire and represents joy.

Vines are long living and have been important to man since the beginning of civilization. The same is true with the fruit of the vine. Fossilized leaves, seeds, and stems of the grapevine have been found throughout the northern hemisphere. Some are believed to be 40 million years old. In France there are still living vines which are said to be over 400 years old today.


rox said...

Hey I just made grapeleaf rolls on saterday ☺ sometimes living in Canada I feel we are a bit behind the celtic tree calender but vine seems to be it for me right now ☺
thinking of trying to make wild grape wine for my dh .I have never made wine or any alcohol as I'm allergic and don't drink but it'd be fun and a treat to give him .
I love your celtic tree posts !
Thanks & blessings ,

The Frog Queen said...

Great post. Vines have grapes and grapes make wine....I do so love vines. :D

And I can totally see the devil getting caught in a black berry thicket! Berry vines bite! :D


AkasaWolfSong said...

How incredible that there are vines that old! My Goodness!

I loved the lore today Janie...

Tuesday Blessings to You!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Thank you for sharing this lore. I loved reading about it. It's my birthday month and it greatly interested me to read that it is the "month of the vine." Theresa :)