Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Just Call Me Grandma

I am sure that many if not all of you know the delight I get from my grand kids.  It is a feeling that is difficult to describe and put into the right words and feel as if you have been able to convey all that you wanted too.  They have helped me to understand so many facets about life and relationships.  I am quite thankful for all the lessons learned.

I also enjoy how each one has their own special place in your heart and  their personality seems to give you its own unique relationship.  There is no one who makes me feel more like a grandma then my grandson, Brexton. It is funny, as they all call me GG yet he seems to make me want to call myself grandma.

From day one he has been a little lover and one who could melt your heart in an instance with his smile and charm.  Shortly after he was born, his mom and sister moved in with us and they were part of our household for almost three years.  Being able to be a part of his life from birth until then is a gift I will never take for granted.  It was complete bliss.

He is as most little boys are... all male.  From an extremely young age he was always one of those little kids that loved the silky material.  When he was only months old and his momma took him to the mall with her, he had his first visit to a Victoria Secrets store.  Because of his size of course he was in a stroller.  You have to love how stores put things down at kids eye levels, especially in a store where there is simply nothing there for a small child.  Of course this wasn't the case for him. He was in heaven with all that silky material everyewhere.  He kept pulling pairs of silky panties out of the lower bins and of course momma kept taking them away and putting them back. 

On return to her car when all her shopping was done, as she unbuckled Brexton to place him back into his car seat, what did she find tucked neatly underneath him but a pair of silk undies.  What a momento for years later when he fooling around with all his friends.  He's a stud alright.  He's been that way from day one.

Yet the one thing I see in him is also a sweet compassion for all those around him.  He has a gentle nature and seems to sense when others may not feel well, whether physically or emotionally. He is quick to come up and give you one of his special big hugs and tell you that he loves you. 

He turns four the first September and it is hard to believe that he is getting that old.  I miss seeing him everyday and being part of his active child life yet I have been blessed to still get to see him often despite the distance that is now between us.  And still he can still make me smile like no other.  I have always enjoyed the fact that my grandkids call me GG.  Not even sure how or why they do so.  Yet he is one that if he ever wants to call me grandma, I will gladly let him do so. 


AkasaWolfSong said...

Well Grandma, GG...this Grandma knows exactly how you feel. It is the very same with my grandchildren. Aren't we the luckiest ones? I get all choked up just thinking about it.

My babes, Firekeeper and Little Grandmother, lived with me when they were little and I miss their presence in my life each day too. They only live ten minutes away but I don't get to see them all that much...it just isn't the same without them here.

Funny thing is, I never wanted to be a Grandmother, but now that I have them I wouldn't trade those moments for all the wealth, health or anything else in the world...

They enrich and enlarge you as a woman and a spiritual being.

Your little guy is sooooo handsome!

Many Blessings Dear Heart!

Marrissa said...

This is a truly beautiful post with amazing photo's! You certainly have alot to be proud of :)

mxtodis123 said...

Oh they are beautiful. You are so blessed.

Linda in New Mexico said...

You and Brexton, me and GK. All grands are special and then there are the special special ones. You are truly blessed and know it. Lovely

Merry ME said...

Look at how those smiles match in the bottom picture. Beautiful!

Grandkids are are true blessing. I have to agree with the person who said we should have them first!

faerwillow said...

~he is ever so sweet...the picture of him as a baby is enough to melt anyones heart! to funny about the panties...my oldest decided to keep a few items throughout his first year...there were always random things found in his car seat...for us so far he has grown out of it and hope it stays that way!! i do hope for you one day "grandma" you will be called by this little l♥ve...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

Debra She Who Seeks said...

That little devil Brexton went on his first panty raid before he turned one! That'll make a great story at his wedding reception some day!

The Guardian said...

Well GG...sounds like you are all so very blessed and the gifts you are giving and teaching them as well...NO ONE could ever come close to my Grandfather & Grandmother, I love them immensley they were right there from day one for me...you will see...down the road the life you have touched in so many important ways. Thanks for sharing the awesome stories and pics...btw way to go about the panties what a great story! Brightest Blessings )o(

The Wizardess said...

What a lovely post. I'm sure that you'll have many good stories for many years to come. Blessings on y'all!

audrey said...

Oh, Janie, this is so beautiful and really touches my heart. I pray that someday my son will bless me with a grandchild.
You are a special lady and your grandchildren will remember and cherish those times you spent with them.
I love the pictures!
♥ audrey

Teresa said...

I just love those pictures! Beautiful. It truly is a guy thing, liking those silky panties. I am so torn between being ready to be a grandma and thinking my boy just needs to wait a few more years. We lived with my mother when he was little, and it really does create a special bond.

Dede said...

Love the little coveralls! The story of Victoria Secrets is so cute. Maybe you should get the catalog sent to him. Young son loves it. The pictures are priceless....enjoy your day.