Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wordy Wednesdays

Unfortunately the weather man was wrong once again. Although we did receive somewhat of a cool front over the weekend, the much anticipated moisture that was to have come with it did not show. As in most cases it visited all our surrounding neighbors except for us. Still I feel a bit of autumn in the air. I have been watching the birds as well as the trees and other vegetation and I feel like fall will make itself known not long from now.

As in years before the bug to start preparing for fall and the winter ahead is a strong feeling inside me. I have seeded many of my flowers that bloomed so well for me over the summer as well as some of my herbs as well. Once again I will plant some in the fall and the rest in the coming spring of next year. Many of my flowers which I planted in hanging baskets or pots on the porch were chosen with the intention of planting them in the yard before the year was out to enjoy them next year. This is also another task that I have to work on as I would like to give them some extra time to adjust to their move. I am also preparing my yearly flower bulb order for the new flowers I will add to my yard when October and November comes. I have started to decide on the Christmas crafts I will make for friends and family. I have even bought my first pumpkin. Yes I know that may be a bit early yet an occasional glance at it assures me of the appending arrival of fall and the time of the year I love best.

I am seriously considering preparing me a nice little plot for a garden next year. After my weekly visits to the Farmer’s markets and the prices of some of the things, I figure that I could do it much more economically myself. It would also give me an opportunity to share with those around me. The wonderful flavors of the summer should never be missed simply because one cannot afford the prices of fresh veggies. When I purchased my peaches in Tennessee I was able to get 2 full boxes for a mere $40.00. When I arrived home and wanted to purchase a few more here in Oklahoma they were close to $1.00 a piece. Simply ridiculous. I love to buy local yet when I can make a good excuse to go and visit my grand kids and also get a good buy, I call that a fantastic deal.

I had so much fun with my anniversary giveaway that I decided to do another one for the remainder of the month of August. Be sure and check out my Eat Pray and Love giveaway. I am looking forward to personalizing the goodie box for whoever wins. I already picked a couple tidbits up today while in town to toss into the box. I have way too much fun with these giveaways and constantly have ideas tossing around in my head. I have met so many wonderful people via them.

I also realized that I have not been out and about with my camera much this summer. Usually by this time of year I would have showered my posts with photos of my garden and such. Yet the heat has kept me in more than I would like and I have not been the shutter bug that I usually am. I did manage to shoot a couple photos of my pet dragon fly who visits me each evening as well as a big garden spider that spun a beautiful web near the pond. After reading a book on the attributes of spiders I am doing my best to allow them to flourish at least outdoors. The one thing I wish they would help me with though is my grasshopper issue… They have brought havoc to much of my garden.

Yet as anyone who has ever had a garden knows…. They are continuously a work in progress and there is always something more to do. In saying that, I had best take advantage of the cooler time and spend some time with my little piece of nature. Happy hump day to all of you. Blessings


Mon said...

hi there, i just came across your blog. lovely place here.

did you take that dragonfly photo? what a gorgeous creature and great shot too.

i'm hoping to have my garden up next year as well. we only just moved into this house.

Dede said...

While George and I were outside last week we noticed the pine cones falling off of the trees. I too think fall will be a little early this year. The rains I would love to send to you. They are here every late afternoon and early evening, everything is so soggy. Our local prices on fruits and vegetables this year seem to be really high too. My garden this year has been a flop, thinking it is all of the rain. Enjoy your time outdoors, you so deserve it!


AkasaWolfSong said...

A Great and Happy Wednesday to You Dear One!

I'm sorry the rain did not reach you...I did tell it to go your way! Do you have a Rainstick? If so perhaps it is time to take up the cause! :)

I too have been feeling Autumn in the air...this morning here it is quite cool and some fog hung in the air earlier but now the sun is burning it away...I awoke to Robin trilling in the stillness and I felt so alive from that one little song! The Great Mother is soooo good!

Another Giveaway? Do I dare enter?

I've been out the past several days pruning in my gardens...everything is slowing down a bit. I look forward to Autumn in Bloom!

I loved your photos today! Especially the Spider and Web! Those creatures fascinate me like no other!

Here's wishing for you a day of cool breezes, a bit of a good soaking rain, and enough time to do all that your heart desires!
Blessings Sister/Friend!

Anastasia said...

I have also noticed the prices of fruits and vegetables this year. I might try my hand next year at a garden.


Merry ME said...

Have you read about dragonfly totems? My husband has had visiting dragonflies all summer. He's finally started paying attention to their message.

I had 4 sunflower plants actually grow in my first garden ever. I've picked what's left of the heads after the birds got to them and want to "seed" them. Not sure how. Do they have to dry out first? Or do I just pull out the dampish seeds? Then what?

We also had a similar spider in the pool. After rescuing it, we discovered it was covered with hundreds of baby spiders. Just like Charlotte's Web. It was like a spiritual science project!

Marie S said...

Have a great day outside. I am so sorry it has been so hot out your way. It has been very cool here except for the last couple of days. So we have had an unusual summer to say the least.
I have enjoyed it so much though, what a blessing.
It has really felt like fall all summer long.
The first thing I notice about fall though is the change in the light outside. There is a different quality to it and everything looks better to me.
I love fall, I am loooking forward to it.
have a great rest of the week and I am sending some rain your way!!
Love and hugs.

Scented Leaf said...

You may plant in your garden scented herbs for next year, too. Their scent will attract the bees, hummingbirds and dragonflies. Maybe when the dragonfly from your photo will fly around the world, will remember with gratitude how nice was in your blooming garden.

Teresa said...

What a lovely dragonfly. We've had an unusually large number of them around here this year.

Rue said...

Oh, do dig yourself a little plot Janie. It's the best kind of food/medicine/joy to have grown your own food. Even if you only plant one or two things!

I eat tomatoes from now until October out of the garden, which saves me quite a bit of money each Summer. And there are so many veggies that grow well together and take up little space.

Tracy DeLuca said...

We are having LOTS of rain here. During one of the mornings when it was not pouring I went outside with my tea and smelled the air.... I could smell Autumn on the way. Fall is my fave season and I cannot wait for the crisp mornings and the smells! My poor garden suffered tremendously this Summer with the heat but I am still getting eggplant!

faerwillow said...

~janie...we feel the change upon us here as well...the evening are getting a little bite to them adn the animals have been scurring around...change is coming...i think you would be rewarded beyond your dreams if you started a garden...for me it has become a bit of an obession...always ready to add to it...and i get so excited watching it grow expand and thrive...i know your hands are those of green and a garden you would tend so beautifully! much l♥ve and light upon you~