Monday, March 29, 2010

Celtic Tree Month - Alder Witching Rods

he Alder tree is most commonly used in general weather magic. Alder wood is said to be a good choice for divining rods. Such rods can be used to dowse for water, ley lines, or even lost objects.  Other such names for this divice is dowsing rod or witching rod.  There are two types of divining rods.  The Y shape and the L shape. 
In the case of the Y shape, the two ends are held closely to ones body, about mid waist.  As one walks slowly the item which is sought will cause the point to bend downward to its location.  In the case of the L shape rods, each rod is held in each hand.  As one walks forward the item which is sought will cause the points to cross when its location is found. 
Other magical uses include the use of Alder in healing spells and divination, especially in regards to scrying. It is said that the Alder can aid in the clear sight in regards to an issue which may be troubling you. Its presence giving you shelter from outside emotional influence which will enable one to see things which earlier they may have overlooked. Alder is also known for its ability to cure the surrounding trees around it. It has the ability to enrich the soil with nitrogen, which is needed for trees as well as other plants to grow healthy.


JoyceAnn said...

I've heard people around here still witch for water. I've always wanted to see someone do this , but I haven't yet.
Enjoyed reading about this and the use of Alder.

~ Be Blessed ~

Tamara Dozier said...

I use l shaped copper rods and can find both metals and water with them. Also good for detecting spirit energy.