Friday, March 5, 2010

Here Comes The Sun - And Its Alright

What can I say I spent the bulk of my day outside yesterday. The sunshine and the upper 60 degree temperatures were too much of a temptation. I had to succumb to them. There is so much I have wanted to do in my yard and although I can not quite do everything, I am able to make a good start at it.

It is truly so therapeutic to spend some time in the sunshine. I myself like to have my hands in a pile of dirt which I intend to do today. I found some wonderful cannas bulbs yesterday when I ran to town that I had to pick some up. The ones I have planted now are the orange yellow blend. So I purchased some darker reds and pinks to blend in with them. I also intend to start that project of clearing out under my elm for the fairy garden I intend to build. All in all I should be kept busy today and get my recommended supply of vitamin D from the sun.

I will say that I did not forget my blog entirely yesterday. I rose early near 5 am yesterday with full intent of getting all my writing and such out of the way. Yet the bulk of my morning was spent working with my computer in regards to the fact that I may have been infected with some nasty virus. After 3 and half hours I said forget this and commenced with the rest of my day. I decided to wait until my son gets back from Mexico next week and talk to him about what is going on. Yea, he is once again gallivanting off to have fun. The snow in DC started to wear him and his girlfriend down and they escaped. They were even sweet enough to ask Vince and I to come along yet Vince’s job did not allow him the time off. And well, mother in tow just did not sound like a good idea… I mean really I would like to have a little fun.. And when you don’t have your sweetie with you, enough said. Back to my virus issue. Hopefully it is not anything serious. Yet it is a good excuse to start looking at that Mac I have been wanting for some time.

I would like to thank all of you for the lovely comments that you left on my post for Wednesday in regards to the empty nest. I will say that I am a momma at heart. Sometimes I think it is what I was brought mainly to this world to do. It is easy to momma those who are not your own. One is usually much more lenient and the sheer fact that you are not their true mother sometimes seems to make them like you that much more. That being said, the post was inspired by a disagreement that I had with my daughter. Sometimes no matter how hard you attempt to communicate it just does not make sense.

The post was very cathartic for me. I am also happy to say that we managed to work things out. I am often reminded that the scars of divorce can last a lifetime. I do not know why this seems to surprise me when it involves my children. I still feel the loss from my parent’s divorce yet that is an entirely different set of circumstances. I guess I like to think that I try my best to do all it is that I may need to do. Yet every situation is different, a set of occurrences all its own. Thank you again for listening. Amazing how some of the comments seemed to be directed directly at the situation without even knowing what it was. But that is evidence of the sweet morsels of wisdom that come to us when we need them if we only keep our ears open and listen.

Well enough of my ramblings…. Time to get my day started. It is time to go outdoors to enjoy the sunshine. I am eager to shovel up a little dirt and plant those cannas. Hope that everyone’s weekend is a delightful one and that each one of you are blessed with a visit from Mr. Sun. Blessings


Linda in New Mexico said...

Hurray for Janie.....the sun shined and you got to play. I went peeking in my garden yesterday as well. Found all kinds of wonderful things trying to make their appearance for her ladyship Spring. The bees were even making a flight or two from the neighbor down the street with the hives. And the million year old man who lives next door was outside sitting in his chair pushed way up close to the rose bushes, talking and trimming away. He does love him some roses. So ya see, spring is almost sprunging. (((((hugs))))) until next time.

Anonymous said...

We are going to have warmer temps this weekend and I cannot wait. I am going to walk around the yard and see if their is new life popping out somewhere.

I went and saw your post on empty nest. You have a beautiful family.

When my Daughter left it was not a good time. She was rebelling and breaking our hearts, but now we are best of friends and she and the grandkids are in our life all the time. She has grown into a good and responsible person. My Son left to get married at the age of 23 and we saw him often until two years ago.

I still wish that they were little again and at home, but they had to grow up just like I did and now I know how my Mom felt when I left home to get married.


Marie S said...

Have a wonderful day in the sun and the dirt.
Have an even better weekend.
Love and hugs.

Marie S said...

I was at your blog while you were at mine. I appreciate the connection and the blessings.
Blessings all over you!

mxtodis123 said...

Our temp is going up this weekend, but unfortunately, I'll be stuck in the kitchen. Hopefully, it will continue through the week (as they predict) and next week I can take a trip the Coney Island. I do so love the ocean.

Anonymous said...

I cant even imagine getting up at 5 am! You must go to bed early...I usually am not getting up until around 8ish or so...I like mornings sometimes, but overall I am really not a morning person. Late mornings and early evenings are when I like to get out in the garden, but since I have a small one it doesn't take me very long to tend to it.

Judy said...

We're still covered with snow...and expecting more...but the birds are singing and the sun is shining...we'll enjoy it tremendously...

Anonymous said...

Here comes the sun... and it's alright! I'm going through empty nest too, I didn't see Wednesday's post, but my youngest just moved out and bloggin has been a great void filler in this house that's mostly empty. I am fortunate in that I spread my children out in having them, my oldest is thirty and my youngest is nineteen, so now my older daughters are giving me grandbabies to spoil.
Since I was the main disciplinarian in our household, it's great now not to have any of the responsibility and all of the fun as grandma (Nana)!


Rue said...

Glad things are sorted between you and your daughter. I hate having a disagreement with my mom - she is one of my best friends. We just have to agree to disagree sometimes.

Hope you had a wonderful day in the sunshine! We had lovely sun here today too, but I worked in the office all day. Tomorrow I'm heading to Mom's to plant peas! I can't wait to get my hands in the dirt!

faerwillow said...

~happy to hear all is well between you and your daughter...parenting...relationships are adn can be tryoing but its when we actually take the time to work through the issues...growth happens...forever learning...i hope your hands were filled with warm soil yesterday and you had fun planting those flowers...hoping today to get out in our yard...its not a pretty sight at the moments...always so much to get done...wishing you a wonderful day filled with lots of sunshine...brightest blessings~

Dede said...

So glad you and your daughter have things worked out. We to had a wonderful weekend with great temperatures and the sun was so bright and beautiful! Got into the dirt replanting trees into larger pots. Wishing you loads of sun this coming week! You so deserve it!


Judith said...

I tell everyone that I'm "recharging my solar batteries"... ahhhh the sun, the sun!

Bridgett said...

Ahhh...sunshine, vitamin D,'s wonderful, isn't it? It's currently 65 degrees here and I couldn't be happier.

I'm glad you got the answers you needed on your 'empty nest' post. Goddess knows we have some smart cookies in our little blogger community.

Hope your computer is good to go now!