Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sometimes... We Need Only Listen to Ourselves

Faith is an oasis in the heart
Which can never be reached by the caravan of thinking.
“Kahil Gibran”

When I read the quote above, I can only laugh. It is so true. It is not the endless thinking and dissecting of something that brings its message to us in a manner that allows it to illuminate our being and give us the feeling inside that we know it is right. It is that stir inside our heart, inside our soul, that tells us that this is the right road to be on and that this is the beginning of the journey that we truly want to travel. Another word for faith is intuition. Intuition is a gift that is all too often overlooked. Overlooked because many times it tells us things which are contrary to what we have had engrained into our minds to believe. We have that small quiet voice inside of us that urges us to take a turn, to choose something or believe something that is not quite in line with what we claim ourselves to represent. Yet we often ignore it because of what would others think? How would such a decision effect how I am perceived by those who look at me each day? Would it make them treat me any differently? Would it label me in a manner that could possibly separate me from others? Do I really want to stand up for this considering how it may eventually affect me?

Many times such decisions could very well do just that. And of course we would rather make sure that all those who look at us…. Let me rephrase that…. All those whom we think look at us feel comfortable. We would not want to upset their delicate life’s journey by changing our impact on it. Therefore we remain as we are. Even when we feel that it is not necessarily right. We can endure the indifference we may feel. We can endure the uncomfortable feelings of not choosing as our intuition leads us. All so that someone who more than likely could care less in regards to our final decision, will not have their life bothered. Of course there are times when those closest to you may balk at any attempt you may make to change. This is because a change will disrupt their environment and cause them to adjust. It is not necessarily because they care that they balk. It is not like they are certain that such a choice on your behalf is not a good one. It is more likely because it creates an uncomfortable feeling for them. Things are not flowing as before. They may be required to readjust themselves as well to accept the “new” you. This would mean change, goodness no.

Still when one is blessed with the gift of intuition we should heed its message. It is given for a good reason. So often we look at life as simple black and white. What we choose to do or not do is often if not always based on what we see, hear, smell, etc. It is based on that which we can describe and show some form of reasoning for. Yet when we allow intuition to play a role in such a decision we are basing our final outcome on a something that cannot quite be described. It is a sense within us that this is the right answer even if every other sense is telling us the opposite. It is what some call a gut feeling. It cannot be described in a manner that is acceptable to most because of the lack of facts that back it up. It can only be described as a feeling and because it is your feeling it is difficult to convey that exact feeling to another in a manner that they too would experience the same thing.

Intuition is given to us as a sense unto itself, although it is often not looked at in this manner. A good example of this is the example of a small child. A child has such a trusting nature. They have the ability to look at a situation and see it for what it truly is. Their eyes have not yet been clouded by the rules and regulations that are often given to everyone eventually. You know what I am speaking of; the rules that slowly form us into “what we are supposed to be”. Children, especially young ones, have not allowed these rules to penetrate them yet. Therefore they see with open eyes… Their intuition is vivid and strong. It is not only felt and viewed as true; it is also seen and heard. It is still a true sense. There is no question as to its validity as it is proven by all that is around.

It is time that we allow ourselves to trust that which has been lacking from our senses for so long. It is time that we open our minds to the messages that come to us daily telling us what is true and what is right. It is time we trust that small quiet voice inside. It is there for a reason. It is there to help guide us where we need to go. I am in no means saying that we should disregard the words of counsel that we receive from friend, family, and others. It is just that we should likewise take into account our own words that lie within ourselves. Sometimes the answer to the questions we seek so diligently is already answered and sitting right inside of us.


Anonymous said...

I like this post. I have been ignoring my inner thoughts for awhile. I have now decided to listen to it and work on what it is that she is trying to tell me.


RA said...

Well spoken, MM. I think the most difficult part has been to learn overrule the brain. There are times when you "know" something, something your brain cannot accept, and yet you follow this "knowing". It's always a victory for the heart, even if the brain nags on... :D

Avie said...

So so true...a beautifully worded post. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

mxtodis123 said...

What a beautiful post, my friend. Too many of us do not heed those messages. The answers do lie within.

By the way, no word yet on my son becoming a daddy. I have to believe my eldest heard wrong. Otherwise, I think I would have been told. Oh, well, for awhile I thought I was gonna be a grannie.

Anonymous said...

This happens to be something that I have struggled with for a very long time. Many of us grow up trying to so whats right, and fit in with everyone, most often at the expense of ourselves in many ways. I have slowly been working to break to barriers so I can be my true self and be happy. Thank you for those beautiful words.

the wild magnolia said...

Amazing insight on intuition. I read it twice, so far, and it is still sinking in.

We are shaky and intuition scare us. We have lost our child like faith.

Listen and take heed or suffer the consequences. It is that simple.

Thanks so much for the good words of insight.

Great blog I've had a wonderful visit.