Tuesday, March 30, 2010

An Open Mind

I have always been one who ponders… Some call it a thinker. You know the one who takes something and examines it relentlessly attempting to figure its mechanisms out so that they can understand how exactly it all works. With something that is solid and can be held in one’s hands this is not necessarily a bad thing. Yet when applied to a simple thought or act it can become a quite enormous feat. Some things are just as simple as they may appear. They need no elaborate thought process to bring them into light for us to see their clarity.

We have what we seek…
It is there all the time, and if we give it time…
It will make itself known to us
“Thomas Merton”

Still I will think on it…attempting to look at it from all sides and perspectives. As time has passed in my life this process has brought me much insight on certain issues… especially when it comes to seeing it from a perspective other than my own. It is hard sometimes to do this. Most of us feel quite passionate about our views and feel that we have examined it to the point that we know enough of the facts to make our final decision. Yet I have learned there are often other sides, other views, which I have at times not taken into consideration. This simple realization has taken me leaps and bounds ahead of where I began within my journey in life. It has also helped me to understand others as well as myself more. Most people are quite willing to discuss their ideas and views if they do not feel that they are being threatened when doing so. Given the right approach two people with quite different views on a said subject can comfortably sit and discuss it and in the end both come out with new insight.

The way is not in the sky,
The way is in the heart.

There is so much wisdom out in the world…wisdom which comes from so many walks of life. It is sad to think that there are so many who will never gain from such wisdom because they have chosen to keep a closed mind in regards to certain individuals based simply on their beliefs, race, and/or culture. What is it that keeps one from listening? Could it possibly be a feeling that in doing so they may forfeit some of themselves and lose credibility? Maybe it is the loss of power they feel they will lose if they give any of their ground away. Power plays such a large part in so many struggles. Even when one feels that they are not right and they know that the opposing side holds good points and is in the end the better choice, they will fight for what they represent simply because they do not wish to lose. Why is it that we “enjoy” telling others what is right and what is wrong. Why do we feel such power in being the one who has the last say? Quite possibly because deep down all of us want to have some form of importance to ourselves. We want to feel as if our participation is needed and at times even non-replaceable. Truth is though that any of us can be replaced at any time. True there are some who have such talents that replacement could be a bit of a challenge yet in the end the job can be filled if needed.

It is an individual decision that each one has to make. The decision as to how open we will be to the things around us. Will we open our minds and allow thoughts that are different than our own to be heard? Will we consider the affects that such thoughts could bring? Will we even go as far as to consider the negativity that our own thoughts could bring? Taking it even a step further and changing our thought process if needed, despite the fact that it could shun us from some of those around us. Will we give up the control so that the right thing can eventually be accomplished?

Hopefully so… Hopefully as time continues a new awakening will emerge and the desire to have “my way” or no way will subside. We will finally see the need to work together for the common good as opposed to each struggling to get our own way at whatever the cost may be. Maybe it is just my overly optimistic outlook that helps me to feel that it will eventually be a reality. Yet I hope it is a glimpse at the evolution of man to come. For it is truly in all of us to be such creatures….If we choose to be.


Bogaman said...

I envy your optimism. There will always be those with an open mind just as there will always be those with a closed mind. It's the nature of the beast (Mankind). I think fear is at the root of much of our problems, whether we are willing to admit or not. X.

Mother's Moon's Message said...

I think I would agree that fear plays a large part in much of the occurances today... It is a shame that it has to be this way....

Marie S said...

I think it is fear also. A fear of knowing and not knowing, a fear of new and of old too. I think that fear holds us back and spurs some on. I do hope your optimism is correct though. What we focus on, expands! I am all for expanding that. I have grown so much by opening my heart to those that are different from me.
Stimulating post, I love it.
Thanks for stopping over.
Love and hugs MM, I hope your week is magical!

Fae Kieran said...

Beautiful Post. And I agree Completely. :]

Blessed be
Fae Kieran

Anonymous said...

I agree with what Bogaman said...it is inherent human nature to fear the unknown, and then fight it...I personally have an open mind to many things, and it has helped me to grow, I have never thought of myself as better than anyone else, just different and unique.

AkasaWolfSong said...

This lesson was brought to me one too many times over the years I sadly admit. Being a firstborn in my family and having to take on much at an early age gave way to me wanting to control at each bend in the road, and up until this past year when I tried to put the brakes on something I was quite passionate about the whole premise of what you are blogging about finally broke through. I am much more happy and peaceful as a result. That is painfully hard to admit. But in learning it I can now look at things so many different ways and not make myself sick over the 'well, I just don't understand why they don't get what I am trying to do, or say, or blah, blah, blah.' Now it is ahhhhh...okay...I never considered that before but it makes so much sense to me now.

This was an awesome post and very worth the read Mother Moon!
I love your wisdom.

Blessed Be!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and interesting post. Very well written :)

SpiritPhoenix said...

Seeing both sides of an issue is both a blessing and a curse. Nothing takes the wind out of your anger if you can see why someone did something. But, I guess in the long run that's good. Because then you won't fly off the handle at the little things.

Great post! I too am a ponderer.