Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Mumblings

Well it is Monday again… Another week has crept by us and hopefully most enjoyed a wonderful weekend. The weather has been very spring like since March has begun. The temperatures have stayed in the 50’s for the most part and at times even managed to go higher. It has been very enjoyable. Although I know that a sudden snow storm can still come and get us I am glad for the warmer temperatures. I have learned not to dismiss old man winter as being gone until at least Easter. That is still a few weeks away so I haven’t put all my winter clothes away just yet. I am thinking about changing out the flannel sheets though.

In a few weeks I am going to get to venture a bit to the east and visit my daughter and her family for a bit. I have to admit that I am tremendously excited because it has been almost 5 months since I have seen my grandkids. Now I know that may not seem like a long time to some. Yet to any grandma, they understand. We exchange letters, phone calls, and even talk via Skype on occasion. Still nothing matches the feeling of a good old fashioned hug from your grandchild. I am sure both have grown like weeds since last I seen them.

We are supposed to have thunderstorms this afternoon. I have to admit that I am a bit excited about it. As long as they do not turn to severe I love to sit and just enjoy a good storm. It is only March yet still we can have some good ones. Last year we had tornados in February. It is something that does not happen too often yet occasionally it can. I have learned living in Oklahoma that you come to expect just about anything when it comes to the weather. I have even seen it snow in the midst of a thunderstorm. This year I would love to attempt to capture some photographs which show the beauty of an Oklahoma storm. We have some beautiful cloud formations at times. And there is always the elusive lightning shot.

My seedlings that I started some time back are doing quite well. Lets just say most of them are. I think I may have started them a bit early. Yet it was a learning experience. I learned which seeds are best suited for such planting. I am planning on planting some more of these seeds and by the time they have sprouted I should be able to put them outdoors. I did find some beautiful cannas bulbs last week. I am planning on planting them tomorrow and more than likely will purchase a few more plus a couple elephant ears. I can hardly wait to get my hands in the dirt.

The Canadian geese are still visiting daily. In fact they stay all day sometimes. Over the weekend we witnessed several standoffs between different males as other couples attempted to come and share our yard with the couple who have already set claim to it. They can be extremely aggressive. I was pinched once when I was young by a goose. Not a fun thing if I do say so myself. The pair that are with us most of the time seem to have befriended our cats. Even though they stalk them like the great hunters they are. I am surprised that the geese have not gone after them. Yet I think that they find the cats, especially Sunny, quite comical.

Well it is off to my Monday chores. Until next time… Have a good day and don’t forget to smile.


Catpriestess said...

Of course you're excited to see your grandbabies, you're a very loving person and so five months is a long time. Have you finished your fairy tale for your granddaughter? Love the pic. of the mighty lion stalking the geese!

mxtodis123 said...

How wonderful that you are taking a trip. Where in the East do they live? It would be nice if you said the city, but somehow I doubt that. It's such great weather. Any day now I expect to see the forsythia start to bloom. That is a sure sign of spring. Oh, and yesterday I watched a baseball game. Now, that definitely means that spring is here.

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a great trip visiting your grandkids, I know you will! The weather has been off and on out here. The weekend was nice and yesterday was so warm here that I was in a tank top and shorts for almost the entire day, today however, its cloudy, really cold and rainy...go figure! Winter isnt done just yet!

Marie S said...

Oh I am so excited for you. I love my grand daughter so much. 5 months is a terrible long time.

And thunderstorms are the best, I love them. We don't have all that many here. But when they come I stay up to watch. Amazing beauty!

What is that thing in the top photo, a mole?

The great hunter, I had no idea geese would go after a cat!
Learn something old everyday eh??
Have a wonderful week and thank you so much again! I am truly honored.
LOve and huge hugs.

SpiritPhoenix said...

I totally understand about the grandkids. My parents go through withdrawls if they don't see the Wee One at least once a week.

Hope you're enjoying the warm temps. We are experiencing some warmer weather here too.

Sunny has a new set of friends. That's really surprising that the animals are all getting along. But then again, Canadian Geese know how to hold their own. I once saw one try to attack a car. Luckily, it didn't get close enough to get hit.

Have a wonderful day!

Dede said...

How exciting for you to get to go see the babies! Can't wait to hear all about your trip and all of the new things that they are doing. Five months is really a very long time for YOU not to see them. You just about raised them the first part of their lives. I bet they will be so excited to see you! Our weather must be right behind yours. We are supposed to get thunderstorms from Wednesday on, but the temperatures are still in the seventies. So hope that you were able to enjoy your day and get all of your chores done too!


Tamara said...

That will be wonderful to see your grandkids...I can't wait til I have grandkids. It's probably hard tho, when they live so far away. :(

And ooooo there is nothing like a good thunderstorm...I just love them and something I'm hanging out the window with my camera. lol

Enjoy your day :)

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Beautiful photos! Enjoy the springlike weather and visit with the grandkids:)

Rue said...

I was nipped by a goose once too. It sure doesn't feel good! They are pretty good when I'm walking the river - I haven't been chased...yet!

So happy for you to be going to see your Grandkids! Can't wait to hear about how much they've grown!

Nydia said...

Do enjoy your grandkids! It must be hard to be away for such a long time.

Oh, I love stomrs too Here, as Autumn is approaching, the weather gets stormy, with all the lightnings and thunders, it's beautiful... Unfortunately they can be disastrous as well in some cities.

LOL Loved the photo of your cat hunting the geese, what sensual little things they are

Have a great day,

Kisses from Nydia.

Bridgett said...

Okay, I just love the picture of the geese and your cat stalking them. Priceless! LOL