Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Mumblings - Warmer Weather, Babies, and Politics

Another Monday is upon us… another week to start. With being gone last week it seems that I have plenty to keep me busy this week. The wonderful warmer weather also is calling me to come outside and play. I have full intentions of taking advantage of this as much as I possibly can. I have flower beds that need to be tended. They need to be cleaned out of the left over debris from winter as well as new flowers planted. I am hoping that if I do plant that Mother Nature will be kind and not let the cold to come back and bite any delicates I may put out.

Also over the weekend Vincent and I got a new addition to our family. It is funny how the absence of the grandchildren has made us desire something to keep us company. I think he has been as lonely as me at times. We talk seriously about considering adoption. Yesterday we finally took the plunge and brought our little bundle home. His name is Winston…a seven and a half week old white lab. He is a lover to say the least and his first night home was a treat to say the least. I have raised labs in the past and think they are one of the smartest animals there are. Of course our new little addition is no exception. He slept through the night in a large crate next to our bed. And thus far has made no messes in the house. It is good to have something around to cuddle and take care of.

While I was away, I was far too busy playing with grandkids to really pay too much attention to the news or what was happening. It is a bit of a treat at times to do this. Not to worry about all the things that may be mucking up the nightly news. There seems to have been plenty while I was away. I see that Obama’s health care passed. And of course there was many who did not agree with it. I was amazed to see such childish actions from people based on the fact that they did not get their way. I thought that congress worked for the people and not themselves. Yet politics is something I have tried to stay away from here on my blog. Believe me I have an extremely strong opinion on many of the things that occur in our country. I have just not been sure if this is the right venue to voice them at or not. Also living in the area that I do, sometimes my views are not the most popular. With that being said I will go no further. Maybe in a future post, if I am feeling a bit daring I will venture into this area of my life.

This is the week before Easter. I am debating whether or not to dye some eggs of my own. It has always been a favorite thing for me yet with the grandkids gone, it seems a bit silly. Although I will more than likely at least dye a dozen just for the fun of it. I love to look out my kitchen window and see the brightly colored eggs dotting my yard. The neighbor dogs make quick work of them as well as the other creatures that frequent our place, so it is not as if they will be in the yard for long periods of time only to be overturned and mulched by the lawnmower later in the season. This always seems to leave a lovely aroma in the air.

While I was away, the book I am too review (Spiritual Partnership by Gary Zukav) arrived in the mail. I am eager to start reading it. I have to say that it has me quite excited. It looks to be quite interesting and something that I will enjoy. So as this week starts off, it looks as if I have plenty to keep my busy in the days to come. I apologize for not being more active in the reading and commenting while I was away. I did read many posts yet when I attempted to comment it would pull up several duplicates. It was taking me forever to comment on just one post. So I just didn’t do it. I have tried to catch up since I have arrived home yet there are still several that I have not gotten too. Life always seems to go on despite the absence of us doesn’t it? I guess we are all replaceable. Can’t help but smile when I say that… I guess that is a good thing. Enjoy your Monday. I hope the coming week brings many adventures your way and that you are able to enjoy them all. Blessings.


mxtodis123 said...

I've read his books. I loved the "Seat of the Soul". I'm anxious to hear how this new one is. I didn't know about this book.

Anonymous said...

Your new addition is absolutely adorable, and I love his name! I hope that when you get your garden planted you post some pictures.

Bogaman said...

Labs are great pets. Especailly with kids. I've had two over the years, still miss them. X.