Wednesday, March 10, 2010


The newness of spring has been approaching for what seems months. Quite possibly it seems so because I have craved it so to come. The winter’s coldness and excess of precipitation kept me inside more than usual. This seemed to give a sense of cabin fever that hung around almost as if a chronic ailment. Glimpses of warmth would come yet be swept back away by the cold north wind.

It seems though that finally spring is upon us. The days have lengthened and with this weekend’s turning the clocks back one hour due to daylights saving time, they will seem to be even longer. The sun will stay up until almost 8 pm. The tulips, daffodils, and lilies will soon be blossoming throughout the yard. Bradford pear trees along with the dogwood and cherry blossoms will also show their beautiful color. It is a time when nature seems to come alive all around us. The constant chatter of birds seems to echo throughout as they tempt each other in the mating dance. The new calves and little lambs can be found dancing throughout the fields. It is a time of rebirth… A time of new beginnings.

I find myself with a yearning to create. Not sure exactly what to create, yet still it is there. I have ample time on my hands so that is not an issue. The yard of course will take much tending as the days warm. Clean up and new planting will begin soon. Yet that will only take so much of my time. There are other things in store for me I feel. I just need to seek them out.

A new grandbaby is also on its way and should be with us within the coming month. This only adds to the excitement of all the newness. It will be a bit different as this one will be some distance from me, unlike the ones before. Yet there is always the opportunity to travel and visit. There is nothing like holding a sleeping baby to make one feel all warm and gooey inside.

All in all the coming weeks seem to hold much not only for me yet for many of you as well. I have read so many words of those who are seeking within themselves and are currently in a transformation process. It is always exciting to evolve. Although change is hard and not always a fun thing it usually brings forth new life and an energy that we did not have before. Many have taken time from blogland to reflect more on themselves and this event. Something I myself have considered.

As time continues to pass and things continue to change and flow through its constant process, I hope that each of you find the secrets and answers you seek… That moments of pleasure are realized and the time to enjoy them is there… That the wonder and newness of spring is shown in all its glory… And lastly, that the tiny miracles that are overlooked too often are made more apparent. Blessings


mxtodis123 said...

Ah, my friend, you have much to look forward to this spring. No wonder it seems such a long time coming. A new grandbaby...your garden...oh, you have such wonderful times ahead for you.

Wizardess said...

Yay Spring & Babies!! I have given you an award. Come visit!

Nydia said...

On the other hand, here in my country Autumn is on its way... After this long, incredibly hot Summer, I can't wait for cooler days and nights. Enjoy the season and your garden! :o)

Kisses from Nydia.

Judith said...

I couldn't agree more!

Moonwolf said...

I have given you an award, you beautiful blogger, you! Check it out at

J said...

lol at the Wizardness because snap, so have I, guess you must be doing something right with your blog!

appropriatly given the subject of this post being new beginings off spring my verfication word is "mated" lol

Bridgett said...

Oooh...a new grandbaby! Lucky Janie. :)

I must confess, I wouldn't mind another child myself.

Spring is here!!!