Friday, November 5, 2010

A Couple of Great Giveaways - Times Running Out To Enter

October may be over but there are still many a giveaway going on.  And some of them are not too shabby.  Of course I want all of you to know all the details on the really good ones so here are the latest ones I recently found.   Leathra over at Confessions of a Crafty Witch currently has two giveaways going on, both of which are about to close and a winner be   chosen, so if either of these interest you.. Jump on the links and enter.  The first is a cd of the music of SJ Tucker.  There are as always a few rules to the contest so hit the link and check them out.

The second is also from Leathra.  The winner will win a total of 3 bindrunes customed made for the winner.  For any of you who do not know what a bindrune is here is a brief explantion.  A bindrune is a talismen which combines different runes to obtain a specific quality.  It can be one's initials, or specific traits of the said runes to develop a desired result.

A couple of great opportunities to possibly win some great prizes.  Good luck to all of you


Lorena G. Sims said...

Most of the time when I check out blogs, I'll just read and maybe leave some comments then move on.
I never paid much attention on anything else. But those are beautiful pictures of your cats and dog on the side bar. Good captures!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Enjoyed my visit here tonight and catching up with you.
Your sweet for sharing these giveaways with us. I have some good ones too on my sidebar that you might want to enter