Friday, November 5, 2010

Truth - Being Honest With Yourself (And Others)

Recently on scanning through the multitude of blogs that I am behind in reading, I came across one that twinked me and got me to thinking.  Because I was further behind in reading then I dare like to admit, the topic was repeated.  I soon found that there were several others who had chosen to take on this challenge and soon I found myself interested in it as well.

I am speaking of the 30 days of Truth blogs that have been sprouting up here and there.  I first saw it over at Fairies Sage who stated in her first day of Truth that she found it from Pamela at Sweet Soliloquies who in turn found it from The Karma Project.  The premise is to write about the topic in question each day, week, which ever one chooses yet to be truthfully honest about it.  A bit harder than it sounds if you really are honest... The full list of 30 topics can be found on The Karma Project - 30 Posts of Truth

I have decided to participate in this endeavor mainly because I think it could be interesting and when one delves into oneself one is always bound to learn something new.  I have chosen yet to do my 30 days of Truth as a weekly post each Friday.  Here goes: 

Truth #1 - Something You Hate About Yourself

Interesting way to start it all off... I try hard not to hate anything really.. I have always found hate to be such a strong word and felt that it brings such a negative aire with it.  Yet if I were to change that to Something I dislike about myself that is a different matter.  

I am an introspective kind of a person... Being a quiet child and a watcher it gave me plenty of time to sit back and examine things including myself... Sometimes I truly dislike the fact that I do overthink.  As being a thinker, it can also lead me to over think some things.  I find myself at times taking situations and because I ponder on them at times for a lengthy time, I tend to hold myself back from possibly doing or saying something that should have been done much sooner than I eventually do. 

I have learned some valuable lessons with this "trait" over time.  As in anything it has its positives and its negatives.  It also enables me to look at a situation from more than just my perspective and therefore possibly see sides that are not like my own.  Over time it has taught me to not be too lofty in my thoughts that my view is the only view... Believe me I still have a strong voice if there is something that I feel strongly about yet it has softened it somewhat.  Although there may be some that do not agree with that.  If they only knew the wrath of my Scorpio way in the true light they would realize just how true that statement is. 

I am learning to come to a humble medium with this part of myself that in the beginning I felt was a good trait and yet in time learned that it has (as does all things) its negative side.  I try to find the good in the negative as I feel it is always there.  And although something may seem like it is not that pleasant tasting the effects of it may prove to be something that brings forth the exact thing that one needs.  So although I dislike the fact that I over think things at times... I am also grateful that I do, for that added time that I have given some situations have proven to be the time I needed to see the truth come to light.  If I had reacted rather than responded I would have eaten much more crow in my life.. And I can attest that it is not a pleasant taste to have to swallow. 


mxtodis123 said...

You know, this is something I really plan to do. I'd heard about it, but forgotten so starting on Monday, I will begin.

audrey said...

Janie, I think this is a wonderful challenge ~ something I might consider doing.
As for your post on Truth#1 ~ While reading this, I was not surprised that you talked about something so interesting as overthinking things. You've made some very good points. Also, it takes a very special person to be able to even TRY not to "hate" anything. The word does get thrown around a lot on a daily basis, does it not? You apparently look for the "good" in everything and everyone. What a special quality! I admire you for that.
I enjoyed reading this post very much.
Have a great weekend, Janie.
♥ audrey

Faerie Sage said...

This is an intresting challenge, and I am glad that you have taken it on. It is amazing, it is only in answering these questions truthfully that we find the healing and see how profound our answers really are

~*Gypsy*~ said...

i really like these little challenges and I'm glad you decided to do these posts too! I'm also guilty of overthinking certain things!

Kristen said...

I am a thinker too so I do know what you are doing. I am also a scorpio so we both know that can be dangerous! :) Thanks for the insite

Pamela Sweet said...

Greetings! I am so glad I found you through the 30 Posts of Truth! I can relate to your first truth. I tend to over-think at times when action might have been a better course, however, the ability to consider all sides to a matter can be extremely helpful.

I look forward to reading more of your thoughts!

I've included a link to your site in a 30 Posts of Truth blogroll in the sidebar of my blog. I hope you don't mind!

Take care,


Teresa said...

What a neat challenge. I'm certainly going to go check it out.

Annabelle said...

I do believe it takes time pondering on many thoughts, sometimes a little too long but in the end , all worth the wait. Not too often does the waiting cause a hinderance.I have the same trait...haha ...I think it to be a good one most times.

Annabelle ~^..^~

Lyn said...

Thanks for sharing and being brave enough to do this challenge. It's really interesting to deeply learn about the people behind the blogs we read.



Scented Leaf said...

Seems to be a great challenge for any person. I'll be around to read more. Have a happy Sunday!

Amanda said...

"To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man"- William Shakespeare.

Thank you for posting on my blog, and you should definitely try the "Brains" recipe it was DElicious!!! :)

Susan said...

My daughter and I also overthink things, usually the correct term would be "over analyzing". Moreso her than I leading to negative ramifications. Funny she is a Libra also.

But I guess that is the scales...balancing things.

Thanks for the sharing :)