Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wanderlust Wednesday - The Joy of Little People (especially grandchildren)

I know I have carried on and on about my grandchildren several times yet I am sorry to say that I do not forsee a time when I will ever tire of doing so.  So I give fair warning to any who have heard enough to stop reading now.

Being the week of Thanksgiving, of course the three f's will run freely.  If you do not know what the three f's are; they are  Food, Fun, and Family.  This year I am graced with my table being full of my children and grandchildren, save my middle son and his fiance who decided to spend their Thanksgiving in the South of Spain.  Can't say I blame them, I would have to think about it abit if that option were open to me also.

Seeing that the kids will be here, that means grandchildren also.  So of course I am happy as can be.  I have taught my grand daughter the love of letter writing and we converse back and forth during the times we are apart.  She has already sent me the grocery list of items that I need to be sure and have on hand as she is going to be my little helper.  She is in full charge of the pumpkin pie, which will also double as her mommy's birthday cake.  Yes, her birthday occasionally falls on Thanksgiving; how fun is that.

Her brothers will also be along for the ride.  I am counting on Vincent to keep her oldest brother busy with a new toy he just had to get for them.  Lets just say it has four wheels and is alot of fun.  Her little brother is crawling like a bug so I am sure we will be chasing him to and fro yet how much fun is that. 

My oldest son and his family will also join us.  He has been out this week deer hunting and has promised to bring me some fresh meat as he put it; as he got a buck yesterday. Although Brandi already has two sons, they are in hopes that they can add to their family soon.  Because of issues, this will have to be done with fertilization.  Yet they are planning on starting the process after the first of the year.

Vincents daughter and husband will also join us.  They are expecting their own little one next summer.  A possibility of twins is highly likely and we can not wait for verification as to whether or not we will be blessed in this way.  I guess I should say, Vincent and I can't wait as the thought of two little ones I think scares them to death.  It will be nice to have a baby (especially a grand child) near to us again.

So although we will have a full house this year, and there will be ample little ones running and crawling around, next year could prove to be even more abundant.  There is a joy that grandchildren bring that I know any of you out there who have experienced it, know what I speak of.

I always wanted to have 12 children when I got married.  Everyone laughed at me and thought me silly. In fact I think my first husband feared I may just try and attempt this feat as it was he who went in and got snipped after the birth of my daughter.   Vincent and I have talked about the fact that it was probably best that we did not get together earlier or that could have very well have happened to us;  being the good Catholic boy he is and I being the wonderful fertile goddess I am... ( my doctor used to call me the fertility goddess). 

I have always loved a big family and even more so with lots of little ones running everywhere.  I was blessed with three children of my own and I consider Vince's daughter the same.  Each one of them have their spouses and/or fiances so that is four more.  So I figure in all I have 8 children.  It's not 12 but it is a good start and the grandchildren are coming along nicely.

Some day I expect I will sit around while everyone else tends to me but for now I am the momma and I like it.  I hope this week as each of you gather with your friends and family to celebrate Thanksgiving that you likewise have your share of the 3 Fs.  And if you are blessed to have little ones around take a moment to stop and watch... They grow so fast and before you know it they are gone.  The laughter and smiles of a child can do wonders.  Have a blessed Thanksgiving


AkasaWolfSong said...

Janie I loved your post today...full of fun and thankfulness...I will be going to my Daughters where I plan on having the time of my life with my grandchildren...I'm packing a funbag today with things to do with both of them as one is 10 and one is 6...they like different things at this point so maybe I can persuade them to sit with me and do a boardgame or do some crafting. I can hardly wait!
From My Home to Yours I wish you the most delightful time with family and am ever so thankful I met you this year, as well as enjoying your wise spirit and the love you put into everything you do and share...
Much love and many, many blessings!!!
Happy Thanksgiving! :)

mxtodis123 said...

What blessings they are. I enjoy reading about them.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Enjoy your Thanksgiving blessings!

Neroli said...

What sweet and heartfelt words!! Your post was the first thing I read today~~what a great way to start my day!!! Enjoy your beautiful family!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Teresa said...

It's great that you will have so much of your family with you for the holiday. Sounds like fertility is the 4th f in your family! Congrats on all the impending new grandkids.

Merry ME said...

Back at ya, momma!

Kristen said...

As I was reading I could see the smile growing within you! You are truly blessed to be with your family and I am so glad for you! I hope this time is filled with laughter and lots of kisses! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Marie S said...

Oh, you are going to have a fabulous Thanksgiving!!
...and I am thankful for you!
Love and hugs.

Joane said...

What a lovely post! Your family is beautiful. I do not have grand kids yet and I can wait several more years for them. My son is almost 22 and my step sons are 16 and 10. When little ones are around for the holidays everything is so much more special. Children bring magic with them. Have a wonderful thanksgiving!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

What a beautiful family you have! We will indeed remember family, food and fun tomorrow - although it will just be me, my hubby and my parents. No matter how small the gathering - the sentiment is the same. I wish you and your family an abundance of the three "F's" on Thanksgiving! Theresa

Cottage Tails said...

A lovely post!
I had a special grandma & she encouraged me to write to her, so I smiled wide when I saw the lovely note from your granddaughter.

have a wonderful gathering.

Love Leanne NZ